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50+ Fun Things to Do This Weekend

Are you bored and exhausted from your daily routine? Why not attempt to arrange some enjoyable weekend activities?

Over time, it’s normal for people to become a little boring or stereotypical. To restore the same vigor in one’s life, one must recognize when such a time has arrived and take appropriate action.

If your life has become stale, think about fun things to do this weekend.

You can make plans with your family or friends to venture outside of your routinely uninteresting comfort zone. You might also look through your city’s classified ads to make plans for this weekend’s enjoyable events. You would undoubtedly need to put some work into it.

You won’t be picked up from your couch in front of the TV, after all. Only YOU are qualified to complete that task!

But if you’ve run out of options or ideas, we have some fantastic suggestions for enjoyable weekend activities. Check out the suggestions we have listed in the following categories for cheap, interesting, entertaining, and fun things to do.

Here are some fun things to do on weekends:

Check the fun ways to pass the time. We have your back.

Get Moving

1. Take a walk

Take a walk

Going for a walk is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things to do on the weekends. It is advantageous to health and is free.

2. Go for a run

Go for a run

Again, you won’t need to invest any money to run; only your energy. You can maintain your physical well-being while also taking in the splendor of nature.

3. Go swimming

Go swimming

Swimming is healthy and keeps you in shape. If you adore it, you can decide to do it every Sunday as a fun activity.

4. Dance


Decide to dance all weekend long and have a blast. You can start dancing to your favorite song by using a radio, speaker, or TV. Who knows, it might end up becoming one of your favorite Saturday activities.

5. Community sports

Community sports

Check out the community sports if you’re searching for something fun to do this weekend. You get the chance to practice your favorite sport and get to know your community better.

6. Drum


You can keep yourself entertained in a fun way by drumming, whether you have the equipment or not. You can have fun while figuring out a groove.

7. Learn to juggle

Learn to juggle

Juggling is entertaining and helps with focus. To understand the fundamentals of three-ball juggling, watch videos on YouTube. Then, you can start adding extra balls.

Investigate Your Local Area

8. Watch wildlife

Watch wildlife

This weekend, if you’re looking for fun to do, visit the local park that’s closest to you and observe nature in action.

9. Go to the playground

Go to the playground

At a playground, there is no age discrimination. Why not spend this weekend having fun in the confines of your nearest local garden and taking joy rides?

10. Do some gardening

Do some gardening

If you don’t have any other commitments this weekend, gardening is one of the finest enjoyable pursuits. You also benefit greatly in terms of positivity.

11. Visit free museums

Visit free museums

You may find information about the free museums in your area and schedule weekend visits by going to the website of your local council.

12. Become a dog walker

Become a dog walker

Why not be a good neighbor and assist them in getting a job walking dogs? You can anticipate not only having a nice time but also making some money!

13. Visit friends

Visit friends

Meeting up with old friends and coworkers can help you escape your routine and have fun. Plan an excursion together or host them for lunch or dinner.

14. Join a book club or film

Join a book club or film

Consider joining a book club or film club to keep yourself entertained during the weekend. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of meeting some intriguing folks.

15. Car boot sales

Car boot sales

You can either organize a vehicle boot sale yourself or go see your neighbor who did. With the help of this enjoyable pastime, engage with your neighborhood and keep yourself busy.

16. Look up the community calendar

Look up the community calendar

There is always something amazing happening in the neighborhood, and you can find out more information about any forthcoming activities by visiting the webpage for the local council.

17. Volunteer work

Volunteer work

To feel good and give back to society, think about volunteering. Nothing brings greater delight than helping others.

18. Visit a wildlife sanctuary or zoo

Visit a wildlife sanctuary or zoo

If you have children in your family and are looking for fun things to do this weekend, think about taking them to a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.

19. Volunteer at a race track

Volunteer at a race track

For their regular events, every racetrack needs marshals; you can volunteer to assist them on the weekends.

Stay Indoors

20. Make popcorn

Make popcorn

Make some popcorn and take a break. Your mood will definitely improve as a result of this cooking task.

21. Make some bread

Make some bread

On weekends, making your own bread may really lift your spirits. It is an easy and affordable habit that keeps you busy.

22. Organize a budget food contest

Organize a budget food contest

Organize your food content to make your weekends enjoyable. Keep the awards minimal to maintain competition. It will increase the excitement and fun of events.

23. Watch Netflix

Watch Netflix

You can arrange to watch Netflix if you don’t want to leave the coziness of your house because you’re sleepy. You can watch a lot of movies and TV series to keep yourself entertained. Choose the video of your choosing, then take it easy this weekend.

24. Watch free YouTube movies

Watch free YouTube movies

Start YouTube and type “full movie” in the search bar if you don’t want to pay money for OTT services like Netflix. It will show a variety of films that you can watch over the weekend.

25. Go on a YouTube marathon

Go on a YouTube marathon

When it comes to finding entertaining videos, YouTube is fantastic. You can turn your weekend into a fun day by having a YouTube marathon and looking for the “most funny” or “most scary” videos.

26. Play Free Online Games

Play Free Online Games

If you enjoy playing free games, use the online gaming community. You’ll stay calm during the weekend thanks to it.

27. Make a homemade pizza

Make a homemade pizza

If you’re a foodie, nothing will excite you more than preparing pizza at home.

28. Enjoy a day of board games

Enjoy a day of board games

You don’t want to use your phone or laptop, do you? Play some of the classic board games. Invite your family or friends to play classic chess or snakes and ladder with you. To make it a great weekend, you can pick the game you want to play.

29. Start a blog

Start a blog

Why not launch a blog using WordPress if you want to share your knowledge with the world? You have the chance to communicate your ideas and inform the audience. Use your weekends wisely by blogging and interacting with people all around the world.

30. Freecycle/Craigslist


Freecycle and Craigslist have developed into fairly helpful resources for learning about interesting local events. You can search for anything that interests you using the local edition of these websites.

31. Search Wikipedia

Search Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a wealth of information. We still don’t understand a lot of stuff. Utilize your weekends productively by using this knowledge source to look for reliable information.

32. BBC iPlayer (Europe Only)

BBC iPlayer (Europe Only)

The benefit of BBC iPlayer is available to you if you live in Europe. There are several shows that can keep you entertained over the weekend and provide insightful information.

Get Creative

33. Creative writing

Creative writing

Whatever comes to mind, write it down. Use your creativity to bring your ideas to life on paper. You could even use a computer to type and express yourself.

34. Audition for a play

Audition for a play

Why not perform in a regional play as an artist? Over the weekend, hold auditions to see if you would be a good fit for any fascinating roles.

35. Raid Pinterest for DIY ideas

Raid Pinterest for DIY ideas

You can use any of the many portals that social media has opened in order to keep yourself busy on the weekends. One website that offers fantastic design ideas is Pinterest. Here, you can even find innovative DIY projects that you can try on the weekends at home.

36. Volunteer at your local theater

Volunteer at your local theater

If the local theatre needs volunteers for anything from ushering to distributing tickets, inquire with them. You might have a wonderful experience as well.

37. Write a letter

Write a letter

Letter-writing is no longer common. Why not revive the lost craft during your free time on the weekends? When your friends or family members receive it, they are sure to be impressed and even in amazement.

38. Draw


Spend your weekend letting your imagination run wild. Take a piece of paper, and begin to sketch anything that comes to mind. Have fun and try some color experimenting as well.

39. Have a go at origami

Have a go at origami

Utilize this age-old Japanese practice to amuse yourself this weekend. It needs paper and specific ability. By using websites like Origami Instructions, you can master this game.

40. Make a kite

Make a kite

Kites are fantastic, and building your own is fun. You can make your own kites, which you can then fly wherever you like.

41. Make a paper fortune teller

Make a paper fortune teller

This enjoyable weekend pastime is perfect for people of all ages, so give it a try. It’s a straightforward activity that makes everyone involved laugh.

42. Play Pen and Pencil Games

Play Pen and Pencil Games

With the aid of a simple pen or piece of paper, several games can be tried. Several examples are hangman, battleship, and tick-tac-toe.

43. Play the Sentence Game

Play the Sentence Game

The object of this fun game is for each player to write a statement on a sheet of paper and give it to a different player. Sometimes the next tale is rather humorous. Everyone can enjoy it, and it can get really thrilling.

Have fun with kids

44. Play hide and seek

Play hide and seek

You may pass hours by entertaining children. Among young children, hide and seek is frequently their favorite game. Adults can also have a lot of fun with it. So organize enjoyable hide-and-seek games with your children throughout the weekends.

45. Make bubbles

Make bubbles

Bubbles are a favorite among children, and there are numerous ways to create them.

46. Have a kip

Have a kip

What a quick snooze can accomplish is incomprehensible. It miraculously revives your energy. You can feel regenerated and refreshed after even a brief nap.

47. DIY or cleaning

DIY or cleaning

Look around to see if there are any household chores that need to be completed, such as washing clothes, organizing shelves, or fixing the sink. Work on such projects over the weekend to make good use of your time. Include your kids in it so they can learn and enjoy it.

48. Build a Fort

Build a Fort

Literally anywhere in your house may be turned into a fort. A set of cardboard boxes or a blanket can be set up in a few different locations. Create a fantastic mini-for for your kids by using your creativity. Spend your weekends having fun by acting like a kid.

49. Hopscotch


Hopscotch is a game that you may already know how to play, but your children may not. While instructing them, enjoy yourself while playing it as well.

Learn Something New

50. Read


There isn’t really a better way to spend your weekend alone at home. Pick up a book you left unfinished because you were so busy.

51. Take an online course

Take an online course

Numerous possibilities for learning in a variety of fields are available on websites like Teachable and Coursera. You can browse around, pick the talents that interest you, then sign up to learn them on the weekends.

52. Learn a foreign language

Learn a foreign language

Finding new languages to speak is a lot of pleasure. Take French, Italian, or any other language course that appeals to you. You can even look into Verbalplanet or Babbel, which both offer a variety of language classes.

53. Listen to the radio or podcasts

Listen to the radio or podcasts

Purchase a decent radio or start downloading podcasts. They are a great source of amusement and offer a wealth of knowledge.

Final Thoughts

On weekends, many of us feel calm, but other people have no idea how to have fun. We have put together this list specifically for them. Look over the extensive choices and pick the ones that appeal to you.

In addition to the above-specified activities, you can also come up with your own. In the end, it’s all about how you feel on your fun day!

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