Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review: India’s Best Web Hosting

The term Hostinger is growing in popularity in the WordPress hosting sector. They provide reliable website hosting, round-the-clock live chat service, and economical hosting. 

Automatic 1-click WordPress installation, managed automatic updates, improved security, a free CDN, WordPress performance acceleration, and a free site migration are all included with Hostinger. 

With a choice of 7 data centers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, they also provide geolocation-specific hosting. In 178 nations, Hostinger provides service to over 29 million subscribers. 

In addition to all of this, they are offering a special 80% discount together with a free SSL and domain name to our readers.


  • Cheapest hosting available
  • Performance Optimized
  • Excellent client service
  • Install WordPress with a single click,
  • Get a free domain,
  • Use multiple datacenters


  • No regular backups

Hostinger Review

Popular web host Hostinger offers a stable base for launching websites. From novices to major businesses, they provide a range of shared hosting solutions. Their plans come with a tonne of useful features, and their rates are reasonable. To determine if Hostinger is the best option for you, read our expert review.

Similar web hosting plans with the same guarantees are provided by all web hosting businesses. We’ll put their assurances to the test in the following areas in this thorough Hostinger review:

  • How quickly will Hostinger be able to load your website?
  • Can you rely on them to make sure that your website is always accessible?
  • Will you be able to quickly access support when you need it?
  • What features are offered by Hostinger’s hosting packages?
  • Pricing: What does Hostinger cost, and can you save money by finding a good deal?

This Hostinger review is comprehensive and includes a platform analysis of Hostinger. Here is a brief overview of our Hostinger review score if you don’t want to read the entire review.

Hostinger Review Summary
Performance gradeA
Average load time460 ms
Average response time146 ms
Free DomainYes
Free SSLYes
1-click WordPressYes
SupportLive Chat / Knowledge base

To sum up, In our study, we discovered Hostinger to be a solid hosting company with dependable customer service and a great selection of options.

Let’s now discuss the specifics of how we came to this conclusion.

About Hostinger

Although Hostinger was established in 2011, its history dates back to 2004. The people behind Hostinger started out as a little web hosting business in Kaunas, Lithuania, and have since launched a number of web hosting brands.

They were able to leverage this experience to develop the technology and knowledge they today employ at They are one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies today, with over 24 million users and registering more than 15,000 new subscribers every day.

How good is Hostinger’s Performance?

Users of Team Aghori rely on our reviews since we only endorse goods and services that we have personally utilized. We enroll in each of the top web hosting services for our WordPress hosting evaluations, and we do our own performance tests to properly examine each company’s promises.

In order to conduct this study, we opened a hosting account with Hostinger and set up WordPress (website builder). Using the default theme, we loaded the website with fictitious content, such as media and photographs. Our test site resembled a real WordPress site in appearance and behavior as a result.

What is Hostinger Speed?

For our users to be successful, a quick website is essential. It enhances SEO and offers a positive user experience. Because of this, our initial test involved utilizing Pingdom to gauge the website’s speed.

Our test site loaded in a mere nanosecond, which is excellent. However, because our test site receives zero traffic, this test by itself cannot provide a complete picture.

Can Hostinger handle Website High traffic?

The next thing we wanted to check was how Hostinger handled peak website traffic. We employed a device called K6 to measure this (formerly called Load Impact).

To test how the server would respond to increased requests from numerous connections running at once, we gradually increased the number of simultaneous visitors up to 100 unique visitors.

The green line shows the number of users on the site, while the blue line shows how long it takes for the page to load.

As you can see from the results, Hostinger did very well on this test. Response time remained constant as the number of virtual users rose.

This means that if you have a website for a small business, an online shop, or a developing blog, your website can easily withstand unexpected traffic spikes.

What is Hostinger Response Time?

The next thing we wanted to check was how our Hostinger test site handled queries from various locales. We utilized a program called Bitcatcha to gauge this.

As you can see, reaction times were excellent everywhere, but especially in North America and Europe.

What is Hostinger Uptime?

It’s also crucial to note that our website did not experience any outage while we were testing it. Because certain hosting servers occasionally crash during stress tests, we’ve enabled the uptime tracker.

This is yet another indication that Hostinger is a trustworthy hosting service.

Hostinger Hosting Plans & Features

A range of hosting packages with various features are available from Hostinger. Included are website builder, shared hosting, eCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

However, shared hosting plans are their primary product. Let’s look at these packages that Hostinger is offering.

Table of Shared Hosting Plans from Hostinger

Three levels of shared hosting are offered by Hostinger. Disk space, bandwidth, and the number of websites you can install vary across all tiers.

Single: The single shared hosting plan offers 50 GB SSD storage, 1 website, 1 email account, and up to 100,000 monthly visits. This package does not come with limitless bandwidth or a free domain name.

Premium: You can add up to 100 websites, 100 email accounts, 100 GB of SSD storage, and about 25000 monthly visits with the Premium plan. It offers complimentary SSL, email, and other features for the first year.

Business: This plan comes with 100 websites, 200 GB SSD storage, and around 100,000 monthly visits, making it appropriate for small business websites. Free domain names, SSL, email, and all other typical services are included.

One website, one email account, two MySQL databases, and no limitless bandwidth are all that the single package offers.

In addition to shared plans, they also provide VPS hosting, which comes with dedicated resources like CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage, and Hostinger cloud, a cloud hosting plan for bigger sites.

Features of the Hostinger Hosting Plan

Additionally, you should evaluate the features that come with each hosting plan. Here is a list of the features that each of Hostinger’s hosting plans includes, except the restrictions of each one.

  • WordPress auto-installer with one click
  • Website acceleration for WordPress
  • No-cost SSL certificate
  • Access to Git
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Cloudflare CDN

Additionally, you receive access to their unique hosting control panel with each package. This cPanel substitute, known as hpanel, provides all the features you typically get with cPanel hosting companies.

A variety of apps and cutting-edge tools are included with Hostinger’s premium shared hosting. Cache optimization, drag-and-drop file management, the PHP manager, and security features are all included.

A 30-day money-back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee are provided by Hostinger. This implies that you can terminate your account for any reason and receive a full refund of your hosting payments within the first 30 days of joining up. Domain registration costs are not included in the refund, and you get to retain your domain.

Customer Service and Hostinger Support

Hostinger offers live chat customer service around-the-clock. They don’t currently provide phone support. Their technical support staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist as needed.

Customers from around the world can get support from their customer success team in English. However, if you bought your hosting through one of their regional websites, you also have the choice of receiving customer assistance in that regional tongue.

Their customer service representatives impressed us with their quick response times and responsiveness. Other user reviews have mentioned positive consumer interactions with the support staff.

In addition, to live chat, Hostinger offers a comprehensive knowledge library with in-depth, step-by-step videos that address the most typical queries from customers.

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Although Hostinger is a well-known web host, it might not be the best option for everyone. Before selecting a strategy, weigh these advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of using Hostinger for hosting

  • Lower Price Plans: For users who may just want to test out a concept, they offer very affordable hosting plans.
  • Excellent Performance: Taking into account Hostinger’s pricing, their speed and performance are excellent for this price range in the hosting sector.
  • Good Customer Care: All of their plans come with outstanding customer support, which is quite helpful for new users.

Drawbacks of using Hostinger for hosting

  • Plan Restrictions: Hostinger places restrictions on their entry-level and budget hosting plans to maintain the viability of their low-cost hosting. To get around those restrictions when your website gets bigger, you can simply switch to cloud or VPS services.
  • No Daily Backups: Weekly backups are available instead of daily backups in their single and premium subscriptions. Regardless of the hosting provider’s guarantee of daily backups, we advise consumers to always set up their own backup solution.

Is Hostinger the Right Choice for You?

After reading our whole Hostinger web hosting review, you might be unsure about Hostinger’s suitability for your needs.

For all newcomers who wish to launch a website without spending a lot of money, we suggest Hostinger. The affordable shared hosting plans from Hostinger are a terrific value for the money, with excellent performance and a very user-friendly control panel.

They do, however, need to impose some restrictions on accounts as a low-cost shared hosting provider in order to maintain a viable business model. You will be prompted to upgrade to the next plan whenever your website achieves the traffic thresholds.

Additionally, you receive free website migration, LiteSpeed caching, Cloudflare CDN support, fast WordPress installation with just one click, and a few other cool features. Additionally, you may add any plugins, templates, drag-and-drop page builders, and other things to WordPress.

Are you prepared to begin using Hostinger? To choose your Hostinger plan, click here.

Hostinger Coupon

With our Hostinger Coupon Code, Team Aghori members may get 80% off their web hosting and a free domain (except for the Single plan).

To make a purchase, simply click on this link. The savings will be automatically applied.

Hostinger FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the hosting service provided by Hostinger.

1. Where is Hostinger situated, first?

The corporate office of Hostinger is situated in Kaunas, Lithuania. However, they have locations in a number of nations, including Singapore, Brazil, and Indonesia.

The servers for Hostinger are situated in the United States, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, and South America (Brazil).

2. Why is Hostinger so inexpensive?

By limiting the CPU server resources that clients can use based on their hosting plan, Hostinger provides affordable hosting plans. This is how the majority of shared hosting providers can provide inexpensive web hosting services.

You can upgrade to their VPS or cloud services as soon as your website starts to grow and reaches a limit. Customers can pay as they grow thanks to this.

3. Is Hostinger a reputable hosting provider?

Yes, Hostinger is a trustworthy provider of web hosting services with years of expertise in the shared hosting sector. Millions of people may create their first website or launch a new business thanks to their comprehensive platform and competitive price.

4. Does Hostinger give away domain names for free?

Yes, Hostinger’s Premium and Business plans include a free domain name. There is no free domain with their Single plan.

5. Which is the best Hostinger or Bluehost?

Both Hostinger and Bluehost, excellent hosting service providers, provide a few somewhat different options. For those seeking a less expensive website hosting solution with some restrictions, Hostinger is preferable. However, Bluehost is preferable for consumers wishing to pay a little bit more and get unlimited access to everything.

6. How does Hostinger stack up against other hosting providers?

How Hostinger stacks up against rival shared hosting providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, or SiteGround is a question we get asked frequently.

We think that both in terms of pricing and user experience, Hostinger outperforms GoDaddy. In many areas, it is head-to-head with HostGator.

Although it costs more than Hostinger, SiteGround provides a slightly different hosting solution. If affordable prices are more essential to you, Hostinger might be a fantastic place to start.

Get started with Hostinger now! Click here to sign up for Hostinger and receive an 80% discount on your chosen plan. The savings will be automatically applied.

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