How to Add Google Translate to WordPress

How to Add Google Translate to WordPress

People around the world speak a wide variety of languages. Linguists estimate that there are between 6000 and 7000 different languages spoken around the world.

Even though many individuals can comprehend English, it may still be worthwhile to translate your website if the majority of your audience comes from a particular area. Frequently, when looking for development tutorials, we land on blogs in French or Russian. To convert the website to English, we only utilize Google Translate.

Even though it’s not always the best, it’s adequate for understanding. This article will help you – with how to add Google Translate with WordPress.

Google Translate integration with WordPress

Installing and activating the Google Language Translator plugin is the first step you need to do. After the plugin has been activated, go to Settings » Google Language Translator to set it up.

Google Translate integration with WordPress

Check that the box next to the plugin status is selected. Following that, you must decide which languages will be available for translation as well as the default language for your website. Simply save your plugin settings when you are finished.

Go to Appearance » Widgets after saving the Google Language Translator plugin’s settings. Add the “Google Language Translator” widget to the sidebar of your blog.

Preview the Google translator on your website after saving your widget.

Users of your website can translate it themselves using Google Translate in addition to reading translations of your website. By making suggestions to Google translation, your readers can even contribute to improving the machine translation of any page. In fact, if you have a sizable readership, you may be able to recruit volunteers to translate your entire website.

We hope that adding Google Translate to your WordPress website was made easier by this guide. Other browsers do not automatically include a translation option when they identify a different language on the website than Google Chrome does. Do you believe webmasters should offer translation tools on their websites, or should they leave it up to the users to find the translated content? Post a comment below to let us know.

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