PS5 restock updates

Where to buy a PS5 right now: PS5 restock updates

Today, there is a sizable amount of PS5 restocking available, including a variety of consoles and bundles in the US and UK. The most recent PS5 God of War Ragnarok combo is available in the US at Walmart or the PlayStation Direct shop. Most significant stores in the UK sell the PS5 with add-ons like FIFA 23, Horizon Forbidden West, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The search for PS5 restocks is undoubtedly getting simpler at this point. After the final sale in June, the PS5 has really been in stock in the UK for months. Although the US continues to lag, there has been progressing. For instance, we saw that US retail stores had the console in stock for several days. Although we’re still waiting for the first PS5 bundle discounts, it’s encouraging that we’ve moved past the difficult times when purchasing a system took months.

Since the PS5’s launch in November 2020, we have been keeping track of its shipments, providing us with a clear understanding of where to purchase the system at any time. Although the issue has not yet been totally rectified, we will continue to give you the most recent facts on PS5 shipments as well as a list of stores that will have the system at specific times, which will be updated on a regular basis.

PS5 restocks are available now

  • US: Register for the next PS5 restock at Amazon
  • US: God of War Ragnarok bundles in stock
  • UK: God of War, Horizon, and Call of Duty bundles are available
  • UK: PS5 in stock at multiple retailers
Amazon (US)

Amazon (US): Eager to purchase a PS5 from Amazon? When the console or bundle you want becomes available, you can enter your contact information, and the seller will get in touch with you. You’ll have up to 72 hours to utilize your special invite once it’s available, but you won’t be guaranteed a console, so you’ll need to move soon. The God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West sets are two options.


Walmart: The recently released PS5 and God of War Ragnarok package is back in stock at Walmart. The Digital Edition consoles are also out of stock, and this is the only one the merchant currently has.

PlayStation Direct (US)

PlayStation Direct (US): The God of War Ragnarok Bundle, which includes both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, is currently available from the official Sony PlayStation Direct shop. To purchase, you must be connected to your PSN account, and shipping is free.


Target: Target has modified its PS5 sales strategy. The PS5 will soon be available for purchase in a few stores every morning rather than the anticipated significant replenishment every several weeks. Due to this, it is quite difficult to estimate availability; therefore, it is essential to check each morning to see if the console is still for sale.

Amazon (UK)

Amazon (UK): Your only choice is to sign up for the next top-up since pre-orders on Amazon for the upcoming PS5 combo and God of War Ragnarok are already sold out. This is the only way to purchase the console from the seller as of right now because all other alternatives are now unavailable.


Very: With games like God of War Ragnarok, The Last of Us Part 1, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales included, Very offers a number of PS5 bundles for sale. Pre-orders for each of them are available, and delivery is scheduled for early to mid-December. It will take a little while, but at least Christmas is currently assured.

PlayStation Direct (UK)

PlayStation Direct (UK): Packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 23, and God of War Ragnarok are available on Sony’s official PlayStation Direct store. There are digital and traditional PS5 variations available. This most recent top-up is open to everyone, however, PlayStation Plus members receive free shipping.


Game: Game has a sizable amount of PS5 packs available right now. A copy of FIFA 23, God of War Ragnarok, The Last of Us: Part 1, Horizon Forbidden West, or an extra DualSense controller are available as options starting at £599.98.


Argos: Select Argos stores now carry PS5 systems, along with the newest God of War Ragnarok and FIFA 23 bundles. To find out if the console can be shipped or if there are any nearby stocks to pick up, you’ll need to visit the store website and enter your zip code because availability is extremely limited and varies by location.

John Lewis

John Lewis: Because John Lewis always received a very little supply of the PS5, it used to sell out in mere minutes. However, he is currently offering a PS5 combo for £649.99 that includes God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It will continue to run quickly and should be accessible for some time.


Currys: There are now several PS5 packs for sale at Currys. There are various alternatives available, including a normal PS5 and a copy of God of War Ragnarok. In some bundles, extras like FIFA 23, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, an extra controller, and Bluetooth headsets are included.


Box: There are a remarkable number of PS5 kits available right now at Box Specialty Electronics Store. Select from the top games and accessories, including DualSense optional controllers, God of War Ragnarok, and Horizon Forbidden West. Starting prices are £579.99.


Scan: Scan has even more comprehensive yet pricey PS5 kits here. This time, you also receive a PS5, FIFA 23, a DualSense controller that is optional, and a 1TB WD Black SN850 SSD that gives you more space for all your games. There is also a digital version of this kit.


ShopTo: Today, ShopTo has a few PS5 bundles in stock. God of War Ragnarok is included with the regular PS5, or you can choose it and add Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Keep in mind that ShopTo only permits one order per household; otherwise, you run the risk of incurring their anger.

BT Shop

BT Shop: If you already have a BT account, sign in and go through the “Your Deals” section for a passcode that will let you buy a PS5 from the BT store. Horizon Forbidden West or the same PS5 game with an additional DualSense controller are both available in PS5 packages.


EE: You may add a PS5 to your contract with EE Mobile and Broadband whether you’re a new or returning client. Simply pay a portion of the console bundle’s price upfront, and the remaining balance will be added to your regular monthly bill over the course of the following 11 months.

Best places to buy PS5 in the US

While consoles are available at major US retailers roughly once a month, they nevertheless sell out quickly at recently restocked stores like Amazon and Walmart.

However, PS5 and Digital Edition consoles are regularly sold in several US outlets. To help you better prepare for your console purchase, we update this list as soon as we learn of an imminent replenishment with an official (or speculated) time and date.

Amazon: About once or twice a month, PS5 stock will show up on Amazon, but it won’t take long for them to disappear from the virtual shelves. In order to combat this, the corporation has entirely altered how PS5 replenishment works in the US. You can currently ask for an invitation to purchase the Horizon Forbidden West package or a PS5 console when they go on sale. You won’t be promised a console, but you’ll have up to 72 hours to redeem your special invitation once it becomes available. To request an invite, you no longer have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Walmart: About once or twice a month, PS5 stock will show up on Amazon, but it won’t take long for them to disappear from the virtual shelves. In order to combat this, the corporation has entirely altered how PS5 replenishment works in the US. You can currently ask for an invitation to purchase the Horizon Forbidden West package or a PS5 console when they go on sale. You won’t be promised a console, but you’ll have up to 72 hours to redeem your special invitation once it becomes available. To request an invite, you no longer have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Best Buy: Previously, PS5 restocking events were only open to Totaltech members of Best Buy. But when the most recent round of consoles went on sale, everything was different. The console is now available to everyone, including the most recent Horizon Forbidden West bundles.

Target: The PS5 was once restocked by Target every few weeks, however, a newer model has since taken its place. Instead of being sold during massive retail events, the PS5 will instead be offered at a number of neighborhood retailers every morning. Your best option is to check in every morning to see if there are any consoles available nearby since this makes it very difficult for us to provide you with an accurate indication of console availability.

GameStop: GameStop alternates between hosting special in-store replenishment events and providing PS5 online. He nearly never carries anything other than large (and pricey) packages that include the newest PS5 titles and the most in-demand accessories. If you decide to buy here, be ready to shell out at least $600. A PowerUp Rewards Pro membership is additionally required.

PlayStation Direct: During each restocking cycle, consoles are often sold first at the official Sony PlayStation Direct store. You must register your information in order to purchase it, and you will then get a special email invitation to each refilling event. They often occur once every month. If any consoles remain after the invite phase, a public sale frequently begins.

Best places to buy PS5 in the UK

The PS5 will be accessible in the UK for roughly a week. Depending on the seller, the number of consoles in stock, or the caliber of the bundles supplied, it is still accessible for a short while to a few days. For the most recent information on retailers replenishing PS5s in the UK, click the fast links below.

Amazon: While there is no set timeline, Amazon in the UK typically replenishes its stock of the PS5 every 4-6 weeks. You may now ask for an invitation to your next PS5 shipment, and Amazon will send you an email when it becomes again available for purchase, just like in the US. Anyone can use this feature, which is only accessible on the regular PS5 console right now and does not require membership in Amazon Prime.

Very: The PS5 is typically accessible for most of the day at the Very online store, which replenishes its inventory roughly once per month. You can purchase 2 to 5 packs at a time, each containing the newest PS5 games and high-end accessories. Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and an optional DualSense controller have all just been offered as options. When the PS5 is out of stock, Very disables their PS5 sites, so if you try the links above and they don’t work, that’s why.

Game: In the UK, Game is a consistent source of PS5 refilling, with restocking occurring every two weeks on average. The duration of promotions is also a few days. This is because it is associated with packages, even if there are frequently several possibilities. Simple one-game PS5 releases like Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West are in high demand and sell out quickly. The more bizarre items are simpler to obtain but cost much more and occasionally have undesired tattoos, such as caps and t-shirts.

Currys: Currys has been giving out PS5 consoles through an invitation-only scheme for a while. Now, he adds a couple of packs to his online shop every time the PS5 is restocked, which happens every two months or so. These are typically very pricey options that come with extra games and extras like wireless headsets, PS5 SSDs, and steering wheels.

PlayStation Direct: In the UK, the official Sony PlayStation Direct store just started holding PS5 replenishment events. To purchase it, you must register your information and be fortunate enough to get an invitation by email. This occurs at least once every month on average. After this early access period, if any consoles remain, a public sale will be held on a first-come, first-served basis until the PS5 is completely sold out.

Argos: Argos distributes the PS5 consoles to various locations at various times, so it can be challenging to keep track of when they are replenished in each area of the UK and Ireland. The PS5 is typically restocked once every month, so the best advice is to simply check each time to see whether it’s still available.

ShopTo: ShopTo hardly ever keeps PS5s in stock and typically only sells bundles. In the previous edition, Lego Star Wars or an additional controller were available alternatives in addition to Horizon Forbidden West. Make sure you only purchase one, though, as ShopTo has threatened to cancel orders and impose an administration fee of £20 if you order more than one PS5 system. Stay on the console for yourself or you’ll have to deal with their anger.

BT Shop: The PS5 is sold by BT through its own BT store. However, you must currently be a BT customer in order to buy it. You can connect to your BT account when the console is ready, and under Your Suggestions, there should be a choice to receive an access code. You can buy the console or bundle when it becomes available by entering this on the PS5 store page in the BT store.

EE: PS5 is only available to EE users, much as BT. If a PS5 is offered, anyone who has an EE contract now or who becomes a new subscriber can add it to their package. Simply pay a portion of the console’s cost up front and the remaining balance over the following 11 months on top of your regular monthly subscription.

Best places to buy PS5 in Australia

Amazon: You should be the first in line when new PS5 stock becomes available because it will most likely happen on Amazon as well. We’ll keep that link here in case more consoles are released in the near future because Amazon, a sizable online merchant, tends to restock more frequently than others.

Target: Target offers the most recent promotion updates on its PS5 landing page. Check out the precise release dates since it now states that a limited supply will shortly be issued. It’s also important to note that the business will only sell PS5 merchandise online; it won’t be offered for sale in-store.

EB Games: One of the first merchants to sell out was EB Games, however, the company also took a sizable number of pre-orders for the system for 2021. Stay tuned, although there hasn’t been any indication of a PS5 in a while.

The Gamesmen: On their social media, The Gamesmen are advertising every future PS5 refill. If and when there is any news, we’ll post it here, but for quicker updates, it’s definitely worth following them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and their email newsletter.

Best places to buy PS5 in Canada

Amazon: Although it doesn’t appear that Amazon Canada is restricting PS5 sales to Prime members, it appears that the system hasn’t been for sale for a while. As it has assisted in determining restocking dates in other regions, we advise keeping a watch on this product description in case it is updated with any details regarding the Amazon Prime member exclusive early access.

Walmart: Walmart offers a landing page for the PS5 that changes frequently with information about the console’s availability. The PS5 is frequently listed as being unavailable, but you can always get the most recent information from Walmart Canada on Twitter.

Best Buy: Best Buy advises you to check your local stores to see if they have PS5 systems, just like they do online. When the PS5 is updated, a message that reads “Coming soon” may appear on the console store pages, however, this does not always provide a precise release date. Simply remember to check back frequently to avoid missing out.

GameStop: Only the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition are available as bundles at GameStop right now, and they are always changing. Do we suggest? For information on when the upcoming PS5 Packs will be sold and what will be included in each, check back frequently.

PS5 restock FAQs

PS5 restock FAQs

Although purchasing a PS5 has grown a lot simpler and more common, it may still be a demanding and tedious process. We’ve addressed many of the most frequent PS5 shipping queries here to help you be as ready as possible. In order to give you the best opportunity of finding a PS5 console, we’ve also put together our top recommendations based on more than a year of searching.

How to buy PS5: Pro Tips

1. Follow important retailers
You may stay up to date with all the most recent PS5 restocking updates using the list above as soon as they are available. You might be fortunate.

2. Get your wallet ready
If you want to get a PS5 right away, it’s likely that you already have the necessary funds, but you need also to make sure that every retailer has everything set up. For a speedy checkout, get your card and shipping information ready in advance on a different page, or make sure your merchants have saved and verified them.

3. Login
If you already have an account with one of your preferred retailers, sign in before refilling. It will take all the time you can get to get the best chance to purchase a PS5 right now, so signing in ahead of time at checkout can cost you valuable seconds. Additionally, you may frequently track your order a bit more easily by saving your transaction information under your login (if you feel comfortable doing this). For each merchant providing PS5 replenishment, we advise registering an account.

4. Look up and bookmark the product page
When the opportunity arises to purchase a PS5, you don’t want to have to trudge through online showrooms. When an item is in stock, you can go directly to the page where you need to go to make an order because we have included links to all known product pages here.

5. Keep going
In the near future, there will be a lot more opportunities to purchase a PS5, as the inventory situation will improve. You shouldn’t lose up at the first obstacle, though, if you’re having trouble replenishing your PS5. Stock returns have happened in the past for speedy upgrades in minutes. Still, having no luck? Keep checking back for the most recent rumors and news.

How frequently is the PS5 for sale?

The frequency of PS5 replenishment in retail outlets in the US varies depending on the region and numerous other hidden factors, although it usually occurs once or twice a month. Other countries, like the UK, where the console may be purchased for months on end, have greater availability of it.

Basically, even two years after the console’s release, things are still anything but normal if you live in the US. However, we can offer you a precise notion of when to be prepared to buy because some retailers move at a fairly consistent pace. It’s no longer a guessing game because other retailers have started revealing when their next PS5 resupply will occur. For the best chance of getting your hands on the PS5, we’re tracking all the most recent restocking news, rumors, and announcements on our site.

Should I Purchase a PS5 today?

We advise purchasing the PS5 as soon as possible, especially if you live in the United States if you have your eye on it for the foreseeable future, or as a gift for someone shortly.

Even though the PS5 is being restocked more frequently this year, it still doesn’t stay in stock for very long, thus it’s best to get one now than to wait. The PS5 supply is still selling out at most outlets in a matter of minutes, therefore we want to emphasize this for folks in the US. Scalpers have been reduced by restricting sales to specific retailer membership programs, but purchasing a console still needs haste, patience, and a little bit of luck.

You can wait for now, though, if you’re taking your time and would rather wait for any PS5 products. It can take some time before the reductions you’re looking for appear in stores, but you never know how things will turn out around the Memorial Day sales or closer to Black Friday.

What is the price of a PS5?

The Xbox Series X costs $499 (£479; AU$799.95) in the US, although the PS5 is now more expensive in those countries due to a recent price increase. A cheaper version of the PS5 is available for $399.99 (£389.99/AU$ 649.95).

Both console versions will almost certainly continue to be sold at that price in the future. Since there is still an enormous demand for the console, Sony does not now see any reason to reduce its price. Due to higher production expenses, the price of the console was even increased in various locations.

Is the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition better to purchase?

Is the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition better to purchase

How do you choose between the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, the two versions of Sony’s newest console? Apart from the price, there is only one significant distinction between the two.

Since the PS5 Digital Edition lacks a disc drive, you must buy all of your games digitally because physical copies cannot be played on the machine. It is required to make all purchases from the official PSN shop. However, if you purchase a digital copy, you may still play previous PS4 games. In light of this, the PS5 Digital Edition might be the best option for you if you’ve fully embraced the digital revolution and want to avoid paying for a system upfront.

However, since the normal PS5 offers the added flexibility of having a disc drive incorporated, we advise most people to stick with it. The PS5 Digital Edition also faces significant challenges because Sony produces them in far smaller quantities than the standard PS5. You’re frequently much less likely to purchase a digital edition when shops refill consoles if they even have that version for sale at all.

I was able to purchase a PS5, but what now?

Congratulations! I hope this wasn’t too much of a hassle and that the wait for your new console won’t take too long. We have a tonne of fantastic features and deal centers for you to check out if you want something to do while you wait.

First, purchase one of this affordable PlayStation Plus offers for yourself so that you have a subscription ready to connect with your PS5. Signing up is worthwhile because a current subscription also grants you access to the PS Plus library. The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, and God of War are among the top 18 PS4 titles that can be played on the PS5. If you don’t have any inexpensive PS5 games to play on your console right away, this is not a bad place to start.

How about some of the top PS5 accessories now that the games are organized? In addition, we have all of the Pulse 3D headset deals, the most recent PS5 SSD offers, and the inexpensive PS5 controller prices if you need another DualSense controller.

Our extensive PS5 deal center ought to be your first stop if nothing, in particular, captured your attention or if you’d prefer to see everything on a single page. Save it for later because we frequently update it with the most recent discounts on games, accessories, PS Plus memberships, and other items.

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