Rose Bundy Biography

Rose Bundy Biography: Daughter of Ted Bundy

Popular American Rose Bundy is well known for being the daughter of serial killer Ted Bundy. Her father was on death row when she was born.

She is Ted Bundy’s only child. Rose is a child of contradictions beyond the imagination of the average person.

Many individuals are interested in learning Rose Bundy’s whereabouts and other information. We will try to tell everything about Ted Bundy’s daughter Rose Bundy.

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Rose Bundy Profile Summary

NameRose Bundy
Known asTed Bundy’s daughter
Place of birthFlorida, United States of America
Birth Date24 October 1982
Age40 Years Old (2023)
HeightFeet & Inches: 5’3”
Centimeter: 160cm
Meter: 1.60m
WeightKilograms: 54kg
Pounds: 121Lbs
Net Worth$700,000
FatherTed Bundy
MotherCarole Ann Boone
Half-brotherJames Boone
Marital StatusMarried
Current residenceEngland

Who is Rose Bundy?

Rose Bundy is a beautiful woman who favors an anti-media lifestyle. She is most well-known, though, for her father, Ted Bundy. Ted was an American serial murderer who murdered young girls and kids.

According to the allegations, she now goes by a different name to avoid the public because of her father’s infamous actions.

How old is Rose Bundy today?

As of 2023, Rose Bundy will be 40 years old. She was born on October 4th, 1982, under the sign of Scorpio.

Where is Rose Bundy from?

Florida, USA, was the birthplace of Ted Bundy’s daughter. Right up until her parent’s divorce, she was raised in the same state.

Where is Rose Bundy now?

Indications point to Rose Bundy’s current residence in England. She apparently relocated there in 2002, and today lives in a peaceful area as a housewife with three kids. These suppositions are still unproven.

Who was Ted Bundy?

American serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy, also known as Ted, abducted, raped, and murdered young girls and women. These offenses were perpetrated by him between 1974 and 1978. He acknowledged being responsible for 30 homicides in the seven states listed below.

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington

Who is the mother of Ted Bundy’s daughter?

Carole Anne Boone was the name of Rose’s mother. Ted Bundy’s wife, Carole, gave birth to one kid during their marriage.

Rose was the sole child of Ted and Carole, but she also had half-siblings on both her mother’s and father’s sides. James Boone, her elder half-brother, is her sibling. Her mother had him from a prior relationship.

As a result of her father’s relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer, she also has a half-sister named Molly. Ted was Molly’s father figure even though she wasn’t his biological daughter. In a retirement community, Carole Ann Boone passed away in 2018.

How was Ted and Carole’s relationship?

Ted and Carole first met in 1974. They were coworkers in Olympia, Washington’s Department of Emergency Services. Despite their immediate admiration for one another, they initially maintained a platonic relationship. They eventually began dating.

They had a fascinating connection. Without Carole’s knowledge, Ted was carrying out his murderous rampage. While Ted’s trial was going on, the couple was married.

This came about after he used a convoluted Florida rule that said that a “marriage statement in court in front of a judge is sufficient to constitute a legal marriage.” When Carole appeared on the witness stand for Ted’s hearing later, he proposed to her.

How was Rose Bundy conceived?

For many years, the concept of a Rose has been a fascinating subject. According to reports, she was born while her father was incarcerated and on death row.

Carole visited her spouse in jail at the time because she thought he was innocent. To be nearer to her husband, she even moved to Gainesville, which is located around 40 miles from the facility.

During this time, she had her daughter. At the time, all death row inmates were prohibited from having romantic visits.

The conception of Carole is the subject of two competing theories. The Stranger Beside Me, Ann Rule’s biography, states that inmates were known to give money to bribe guards to grant them conjugal visits.

According to this view, Carole bought the consent of the prison wardens.

She is also accused of bringing illegal goods and cash into the jail on his behalf.

According to a different rumor regarding Rose’s conception, Carole sneaked a cond*m into the jail. It is claimed that she had her husband add his genetic material to it.

He then quietly handed it back to her after securing it. The first hypothesis was plausible because it was the quite ordinary practice at the time to bribe jail wardens. When questioned about the situation, Carole said that it was none of anyone’s business how her kid was born.

Where is Rose Bundy now?

Since she was a baby, Rose has lived away from the public sphere. The following list includes some of the documentaries, books, and movies that have been released in an effort to examine Ted and his family’s life.

  • The Stranger Besides Me (Anne Rule, 1980)
  • The Only Living Witness (Stephen G. Michaud, 1993)
  • Ted Bundy (2002)
  • Fry Day (2017)
  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)
  • Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (2019)
  • Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer (2020)

Rose’s face is hazy in the documentary series Falling for a Killer while Carole’s face is shown. She hardly ever appears in public domain photographs.

When Ted admitted to killing someone, Carole was astounded. After his confession, She avoided calling him or going to see him in jail. After their divorce in 1986, Ted was put to death three years later.

What is Rose Bundy’s new name?

Rumor has it that Rose and her mother changed their names so they could live quiet lives. Abigail Griffin is Rose Bundy’s new name, however, this is unconfirmed.

Did Ted Bundy ever meet his daughter?

Even if his daughter went with her mother on visits to the prison after she gave birth, it is still unknown whether Ted ever got to meet and speak with her. When her father was put to death, she was six years old.

Is Rose Bundy still alive?

Yes, she is still alive. Today, where is Rose Bundy? She is said to be a stay-at-home mother of three who resides in England. There is no information on her sons or daughters.

She has avoided the spotlight her entire life, perhaps as a result of her father’s criminal past. Rosa is a sweet and clever woman, yet Ann Rule, the author of The Stranger Beside Me, claimed to not know where she resides.

She continued by saying that Rosa and her mother deserved a private existence because they had endured enough suffering. She won’t thus be seeking for them to do an interview.

What is Rose Bundy’s net worth?

According to some sources, Rose Bundy is worth $700,000. She allegedly stole some of her father’s money for herself.

Nothing further is known about her means of support or way of life. It is conceivable that she is supporting herself by working some type of job in a small town.

At the time of his passing, her late father’s net worth was reported to be $2 million.

Rose Bundy Career

Rose Bundy holds a culinary arts degree. It is unknown where she attended school or for how long.

She may have started out doing some odd jobs or minor jobs. Rose Bundy has three children, and it goes without saying that you need a sizable sum of money to support a growing family.

According to recent accounts, she is a housewife, which implies that her husband may be employed and that they are living as such.

Rose Bundy Height and Weight

Rose Bundy’s weight in kilograms is 54 kg or 119 lbs.

She stands at 5 feet 3 inches, or 160 centimeters, or 1.60 meters, tall. Rose Bundy has short, silky brown hair as well.


Rose Bundy occasionally used Facebook, according to a forum post from 2016, but she did not have any official social media sites.

After one of his victims managed to flee and blow the whistle, Rose’s father was taken into custody.

Rose Bundy has led a quiet life away from the spotlight since she was a young child.

She clearly wants a private existence, as evidenced by the ambiguity surrounding her name, where she lives, and her marriage.

So, it is a biography of Rose Bundy, the daughter of Ted Bundy and Carole Ann Boone.

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