Sling TV: The Best Guide for Beginners

Sling TV: The Best Guide for Beginners

Sling TV was one of the first streaming services to offer live TV after its inception in 2015, and as of the end of the third quarter of 2022, it has 2.43 million customers worldwide. Although the number of members is prone to shift, especially this year as customers adjust to the rising cost of living, it is still one of the most widely used alternatives to pricey cable packages.

Sling TV, an OTT service that is accessible in the US and Puerto Rico, allows you to watch a wide variety of on-demand TV shows and movies in addition to live TV channels. CNN, BBC America, Comedy Central, NBC, E!, and ESPN are all included in his channel packages. Additionally, it provides the choice to record live TV broadcasts for later viewing.

While there are other OTT services outside Sling TV, you’ll find that Hulu prices more for its live TV package and that Peacock TV and Paramount Plus have less options for NBC and CBS, respectively.

What is Sling TV, exactly, and what bundles are available?

Everyone may be entertained with more than 45 live Sling TV channels and more than 80,000 TV series and movies thanks to the range of news, entertainment, and sports channels that are accessible for streaming.

Despite the fact that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are excellent, they lack a feature that more traditional cable TV bundles provide. You may get the best of both worlds with a Sling TV subscription, which reportedly saves you $945 annually compared to the typical cable TV provider.

There are two packages available for Sling TV channels: Sling Blue and Sling Orange.

With the Orange subscription, you get more sports and family-friendly material while the Blue plan focuses more on news and entertainment.

You will receive 50 hours of free DVR storage space regardless of the package you select, enabling you to record live TV that you might otherwise have to miss when it airs. Additionally, you may purchase additional storage starting at $5 per month for up to 200 hours.

You may quit Sling TV at any time, and it can be set up on practically any device using its app without any additional gear. It offers the same freedom as any other streaming service.

Movies & TV Series Available on Sling TV

It all depends on the Sling TV plan you select: Sports programming and kid-friendly networks including Disney Channel, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, and ESPN are available on Sling TV Orange. This covers the NFL, NBA games, college basketball and football, as well as college basketball.

Additionally, Sling TV Blue offers a wide variety of dramas and documentaries, including Doctor Who, Black Orphan, and Killing Eve, as well as BBC America, where you can view many of David Attenborough’s documentaries.

Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story are both available on FX. Love rom-coms? You can find all the cheesy romance you could possibly want on the Hallmark Channel.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is available on VH1, and The Hunger Games and The Office are fantastic TV series and films available on Paramount Network.

You can also customise your Sling TV subscription to suit your individual viewing interests by purchasing a few add-ons and add-ons.

What does Sling TV cost?

Sling TV is incredibly affordable in comparison to US cable TV providers. The cost of Sling TV will remain the same whether you select the Blue or Orange plan, even though the benefits of each will vary.

For $40 per month, Sling TV Blue offers hundreds of news and entertainment channels across up to three simultaneous streams. CNN, Fox News, FX, NBC, TLC, NFL Network, and more stations are among them.

Sling TV Orange is likewise $40 per month, but it only allows you to stream content on one device at once. It primarily offers access to sports and family networks like ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3, as well as Disney Channel.

There are many other Sling TV promotions available, and if you want both Sling TV Blue and Orange, you may sign up for both and save 31%.

Right now, your first month of Blue, Orange, Blue and Orange memberships will be discounted by 50%.

Is there a free trial for Sling TV?

Sling TV occasionally provided a free trial, just like other streaming services. The introductory offer for Sling has been known to change and be reintroduced, in contrast to the aforementioned services.

Sling TV used to provide a free trial that gave you access to any of its plans for seven days before you had to pay for them. This gave you time to decide whether the service and its content collection were perfect for you. Most recently, a 3-day free trial was available to you.

The free trial ended in March. However, right now, new users may get 50% off their first month by reducing individual plans from $40/month to $20, and Orange and Blue together to $27.50 from $55.

It’s also important to be aware of Sling TV’s Sling Free service, which allows you access to a variety of free on-demand and live TV options to watch on your device.

How to Sign Up for Sling TV?

Use our detailed instructions to sign up for Sling TV.

  • Check out the Sling TV website
  • Click the “Watch Now” button in orange.
  • Your email address and a strong password must be entered.
  • Select Sling Blue, Sling Orange, or both.
  • You can choose any “Extras” add-ons by scrolling down.
  • Add any “Premiums” you like to your order
  • Enter your payment information. PayPal or a credit card can be used to sign up.
  • Once you click “Finish & Submit,” you may start viewing Sling TV.

What devices can you use the Sling TV app on?

You may download the Sling TV app on iOS and Android in addition to streaming Sling TV on Windows, Mac, and Chrome. Along with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire Stick, Sling TV is also accessible on these streaming media players. Do you want to watch on your gaming system? On Xbox Series X and S, you can log onto your Sling TV account.

How to access Sling TV outside of the United States

Because Sling TV is exclusively accessible to citizens of the US and Puerto Rico, all of its content is geo-locked, and users from other countries are unable to download the website or app.

There is still hope if you want to watch something on Sling TV while you are away from home. You can get around geo-restrictions with a VPN. Simply connect to the US server to unblock Sling TV and other streaming services so you may use them as if you were at home and alter the IP address of your device.

Sling TV vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video vs Hulu vs HBO Max

The most comparable alternative to Sling TV is Hulu, which also provides live streaming. Compared to the entry-level Hulu plan with Live TV, which costs $69.99/month, the basic Sling TV Blue and Orange bundles are significantly less expensive at $35/month. Hulu wins in terms of network quality and number, offering top-notch TV episodes and movies in addition to its own Hulu Originals, while Sling TV is more inexpensive and has a potential variety of over 200 channels.

While Sling TV requires an additional $5 per month for the benefit of 200 channels, YouTube TV comes with 90 channels, plenty of live sports, and unlimited DVR storage, allowing you to record live shows to watch later. additional storage hours.

Although the entry-level plan of FuboTV costs twice as much, it offers three times as many channels and performs better than Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV.

FuboTV’s basic subscription includes Logo, MTV, Fox, and BBC World News as part of a 110-channel package, whereas Sling TV Blue and Orange divide between news and entertainment, sports, and family content.

The analogies stop there in terms of live transmission. However, Sling TV believes they can collaborate when compared to the industry titans, such as Netflix. With Sling TV, you can enjoy live TV without paying the expensive cost of a cable bundle. You can also add your preferred streaming service to your monthly expenses, which are still far less than the typical cable bill.

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