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12 Best Wireless Earbuds in India

The best wireless headphones offer superb Bluetooth connectivity, superior audio quality, expanded battery life, and a secure fit that fits comfortably in your ears.

We know what we’re searching for because we’ve evaluated hundreds of wireless earphones over the years. The comfort, audio quality, battery life, and other functions like noise cancellation were all taken into consideration when selecting each Bluetooth headphone in our recommendations below. As a result, there is a good selection of headphones that provide high-quality sound and are suitable for different tastes and price ranges.

You might still favor wired headphones if you don’t listen to music on the road or if all you want is the highest caliber audiophile sound. If so, have a look at our articles on the best in-ear headphones or the best-wired headphones. These headphones are different since they don’t degrade or compress audio files.

Because they look beautiful, frequently combine well with your in-ear headphones of choice, are cozy, and are enjoyable to use, wireless headphones are worth taking into consideration. You may find a list of the top wireless earbuds below that are made to stay in place while you’re doing your thing, whether you’re wearing them on your way to work, using them at work, or using them while you’re feeling motivated. I’m working out.

If you’re searching for anything specific, we also suggest reading our guides to the best noise-canceling headphones and the best fitness headphones. For the very best in each category, see our guide to the finest headphones.

12 Best Wireless Earbuds in India

1. Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4
ProsExceptional sound quality
Water resistance
Ergonomic surface design
ConsNo aptX support
Average battery life
Frequency response20-40,000Hz
Battery life8 hours (earbuds) 16 hours (charging case)

One of the greatest brands of wireless noise-canceling headphones is Sony, a leader in the audio industry. It should therefore come as no surprise that after extensive testing, we’ve chosen Sony’s newest WF-1000XM4 wireless headphones as our top option because they outperform the other headphones on this list in the majority of categories.

These wireless earbuds have a great sound quality and provide rich audio throughout your journey. This is partially attributable to their specifically created 6mm drivers, which despite their diminutive size provide dramatic sound. The WF-1000XM4 made an immediate impression on us throughout our tests thanks to its detail and superb rhythmic processing.

Although the Bose QuietComfort headphones offer better noise cancellation, this one is still adequate for most people who wish to filter out some background noise. Second-best noise cancellation doesn’t really matter when the WF-1000XM4 headphones sound as fantastic as they do.

In addition to offering outstanding music, the Sony headphones also provide excellent call quality, making them a terrific option for a variety of situations, including commuting, work calls, and everything in between. These headphones are smaller and lighter than earlier Sony models, such as the Sony WF-1000XM3, which makes them more pleasant to wear for extended periods of time.

2. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ Earbuds, True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
Pros45-hour total battery life
Phenomenal audio performance
Incredible value for the quality
ConsActive noise cancellation is absent.
Several glitzy smart features
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
Battery life9 hours (earbuds) 41 hours (charging case)

When reviewing the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus headphones, the long battery life was the first thing we noticed. You get a total of nine hours on your own and 45 hours with the charging case, and we found that they were both more than adequate.

However, Melomania 1 Plus has a lot more to offer, including excellent audio quality and an app that we found to be quite helpful and simple to use during our testing.

The Melomania 1 from Cambridge Audio has been replaced by these earbuds. The Melomania 1 Plus’s design may be similar to that of its predecessor, but there is a noticeable improvement in the sound quality, with levels of detail and clarity that may even compete with some of the greatest in-ear headphones.

Pulsating synths and tender strings accompanied the baritone vocal melody in Dadi Freyr’s 10 Years with outstanding balance across the range of frequencies. The percussion and slinky bass guitar sounded forceful and controlled when the chorus commenced, and the harmonized voices were rich and clear.

Here, there is no integrated noise-canceling technology. Having said that, you can acquire a set of the best wireless earbuds at a very low cost that has a long battery life, good sound quality, and reliable communication. With this pair of stylish, high-performing earbuds, you can’t go wrong.

3. Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple AirPods Pro
ProsBest-in-class active noise canceling
excellent sound quality
There are many excellent features of the iPhone.
ConsStandard battery life
No lossless support
Frequency responseNot listed
DriversCustom Apple design
Battery life6 hours (earbuds) 30 hours (charging case)

The eagerly anticipated Apple AirPods Pro 2 are finally out, and they come in at the top of our ranking of the best wireless earbuds because they provide excellent sound quality and genuinely exceptional ANC in a compact and lightweight design.

One of our favorite sets of wireless earbuds for iPhone owners is the original Apple AirPods Pro. With new drivers and amplifiers, Pro 2 has undergone a considerable overhaul and now provides great sound quality. Additionally, the ANC has been increased, and in our testing, we discovered it to be on par with the finest in its class at virtually eliminating all outside noise.

With a battery life of 6 hours from the headphones and 30 hours from the charger, it’s ideal for full-day listening even though it may not exceed all the other wireless headphones in this guide. Along with a built-in speaker to help you locate it if you misplace it, the case has been improved with IPX4 water resistance for light rain and sweat.

These headphones, as with all Apple items, are most suitable for iPhone users and are not inexpensive. However, after making substantial sonic enhancements, they are now among the best wireless headphones you can buy, rivaling several of our old favorites like the Sony WF-1000XM4 and even providing ANC to challenge Bose.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro
ProsIncreased high-resolution sound quality
Strong ANC
Elegant, cozy design and finish
ConsAverage battery life
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
DriversCustom Coaxial 2-way
Battery life5 hours (buds) 18 hours (case)

Given Samsung’s strong reputation in the smartphone and tablet markets, it has long surprised us that Galaxy Buds’ performance has fallen short of expectations. With the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, though, that has improved.

Now is the time for Apple, Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser to closely examine what Samsung has accomplished with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. They’re great. Really, they are excellent.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone and have access to the Samsung Wearable companion app and home screen widget, you can utilize your phone as a focus for more of its new high-resolution 24-bit audio pass-through to either ear you like with 360 audio and enhanced head tracking.

These headphones are more modest, comfier, and less haughty (remember the rose gold, bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live? They don’t even resemble them at all) and are packed with practical features like fantastic ANC, voice detection, owner detection, customizable onboard controls, and IPX7 water ingress protection. They all operate incredibly well. Overall, a Samsung triumph was only let down by a meager five-hour battery life.

5. JLab Go Air Pop

JLab Go Air Pop Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
ProsIncreased high-resolution sound quality
Strong ANC
Elegant, cozy design and finish
ConsAverage battery life
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
DriversCustom Coaxial 2-way
Battery life5 hours (buds) 18 hours (case)

₹2,499.00 is an exceptionally low price for the JLab Go Air Pop, which would have been unheard of just a few years ago. In the current, JLab is offering durable listening devices at the lowest costs. How well do these inexpensive headphones actually perform?

We spent some time testing these inexpensive headphones and discovered that the JLab Go Air Pop is actually quite decent overall and unquestionably the best value available.

For the price they are, they sound excellent. Every ear receives a presentation of Let Her Cry by Hootie & the Blowfish as well as other guitars in a big, open soundstage. While listening to Prince’s Kiss, you’ll notice that the artist’s signature vocals sound a little harsh even if the bass funk at the start is audible. Although the high frequencies, which can distort even in reasonably straightforward passages, make it difficult to be very thrilled about the sound quality, that is not the focus of this article.

Also unimpressive to us was the charging case’s design. It features a cable that snaps off the base and resembles a tadpole. However, it charges the headphones and ensures that you’ll never have to fumble in the dark for a USB charger or get caught without one.

So even though the JLab Go Air Pop won’t deliver exceptional sound quality or noise cancellation to rival the Sony WF-1000XM4, we were pleasantly surprised by what we discovered during testing, including a strong Bluetooth connection, long-lasting battery, comfortable and lightweight headphones, and good music. To want more would be unreasonable.

True wireless headphones are a luxury, it must be confessed, so if your budget is fast drained on secondary demands, you will find a solid solution here. Take a look at the Sony WF-C500 headphones on our list, which are another affordable choice.

6. Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

best bluetooth earbuds
ProsTouch Sensors
EQ3 Sound
Features similar to AirPods Pro for Android users
ConsNo iOS app
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
Battery life4 hours (earbuds with ANC) 16 hours (charging case)

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro are some of the best wireless headphones available right now if you want headphones that resemble Apple AirPods but don’t want to switch from your Android phone to take advantage of all the capabilities. There isn’t an iOS app available here, so it’s a less desirable option if you have an iPhone.

While many other earbuds imitate Apple’s best-selling headphones’ appearance and feel, Honor has taken it a step further and replicated many of their best qualities, outperforming the AirPods significantly in one crucial area: sound. The coaxial dual-driver Honor system is the first in the world to use a separate piezoelectric ceramic tweeter in the center of an 11mm dynamic driver.

They are among the best wireless headphones available right now, according to our evaluation, which we dubbed a “triumph” for the end result. And that’s before you even consider the features, which also include excellent noise cancellation, an Android app that is well-designed, and exceptional comfort. We also enjoyed a lot of Honor’s unique features, such as its lightning-fast pairing with Android phones.

The main drawback, in this case, is battery life. The charging case provides 16 hours of noise cancellation, however, the headphones themselves only provide four hours of ANC-enabled listening time. The price is reasonable, and everything else about these headphones is outstanding.

7. Sony WF-C500

best airpods
ProsDigital Sound Enhancement Engine
Small and light
Ergonomic Surface Design
ConsThe overall battery life is average.
Frequency response20Hz-20,000Hz
Battery life10 hours (earbuds) 20 hours (charging case)

The Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Headphones feature a great design, are incredibly cheap, are lightweight and comfy, and have a number of functional control options.

We found a rather unimpressive battery life of 20 hours, however, 10 hours from the headphones alone is quite respectable. Our testing led us to believe that their sound, which was quick, precise, and absolutely fascinating, possessed some genuine competence. Because of their excellent value for money, these headphones may not be able to compete with high-end models, but they are still among our top recommendations for the finest wireless headphones.

The Sony WF-C500s, however, are not without decent competition from equally brave and assured firms producing similarly priced budget headphones; also, their average battery life, fairly constrained soundstage and relative lack of bass extension have left the door open. Just a little something for those rivals. For instance, the JLab Go Air Pop fully wireless earbuds go for ₹2,499.00 if you’re seeking for even more inexpensive earbuds.

This time around, Sony is not producing completely wireless in-ear headphones. Even so, if you’re seeking for the best features at a fraction of the cost of Sony’s high-end WF-1000XM4 headphones, it’s well worth your time to check out this pair of reliable budget headphones.

8. Grado GT220

best earbuds
ProsExcellent battery life
Signature Sound
ConsNo active noise cancellation
No control app
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
Battery life6 hours (earbuds) and 36 hours (charging case)

Grado, a manufacturer of audio technology, took a while to introduce a set of genuinely wireless earphones. But now that they are available, the Grado GT220 immediately rises to the top of the class and is one of our top picks for the best wireless headphones, especially in terms of sound quality.

The Grado GT220 earphones have a battery life that can go as low as six hours, but with the help of their convenient charging case, we were able to easily extend that to 36 hours, which is an impressive amount of time if you need to have your music with you while you’re out and about for extended periods of time.

These headphones have extremely amazing sound quality. When we evaluated these buds, we were so impressed that we believed they could dig deep into a song’s mix and extract every nuance and detail.

The Grado GT220 wireless headphones are extremely understated in appearance. This may be appealing to folks who prefer a minimalist design but do not have earphones that are bright, sleek, or resemble AirPods. There is also no noise cancellation.

9. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Mic
ProsSupport Spatial audio
Apple H1 headphone chip
ConsHeavy case
Only IPX4 rated
Frequency response20-20,000Hz
Battery life9 hours (earbuds) 16 hours (charging case)

If you’re going to wear them while working out, the Powerbeats Pro offers an exceptionally secure fit. Because of the ear hook design, we discovered that they were quite comfy and that they never slipped out (at least during our testing).

Because of this, it’s a touch disappointing that they come with a large case that, with the earphones inside, weighs 130g. The PowerBeats Pro has a fantastic design overall.

They have a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging them when you’re trying to hit a new love life Best, and they sound incredibly entertaining no matter what you’re listening to, which should keep you motivated.

The fact that they are only IPX4 rated, which requires that they be sweat-resistant, is one drawback, but we would have chosen a pair of training headphones with stronger waterproofing. Although the Beats Fit Pro checks that box, they don’t either.

However, if you adore Apple and frequent a gym where better-sounding music and features like hands-free are appreciated, you might consider Hey Siri, they’d be a terrific choice to go to your next workout with you.

10. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose Quietcomfort Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds
ProsTop class Noise-canceling
High fidelity audio
ConsNo onboard volume control
Massive charging case
Frequency responseN/A
Battery life6 hours (earbuds) 12 hours (charging case)

If you want to shut out the world while getting the greatest ANC possible, the Bose QuietComfort headphones are ideal. Despite the fact that several of the other true wireless earbuds on this list offer effective noise suppression, none of them can match the QuietComfort earphones’ level of absolute sonic immersion, and that’s saying a lot.

In our tests, we discovered that the vocals sounded clear and that every background instrument was audibly lovely, with just the right amount of punch on the bottom to make the bass lines very engaging.

The only thing we find objectionable about this setup is the large charging case, which also doesn’t offer the longest battery life. The headphones’ playback time is a very ordinary six hours, and the case offers just two further top-ups. If you want a battery that is generally more powerful, look into the Sony WH-1000XM4.

There is no onboard volume control, which shouldn’t be a problem for certain users who use their phones constantly, as we also pointed out. You’ll be let down if you’re used to headphones, though.

Other than that, these headphones are fantastic, with amazing sound quality and an extremely comfortable fit. These are the best wireless headphones for you, whether you want to lose yourself in music or need to concentrate while listening to music that is completely undisturbed.

11. Sony LinkBuds S

best air pods
ProsSmall, light, and comfortable to wear
Pleasant sound
Wonderful control app
Conscould come out as more forceful
Have no special appearance or attitude.
Frequency response2.4000–2.4835 GHz
Battery life6 hours (buds) 14 hours (case)

Don’t let the Sony LinkBuds S’s appearance mislead you. They’re a little monotonous, and you could easily write them off as a cheap pair of friends. However, we were surprised by how pleasant they were to wear, especially with small ears.

The Sony LinkBuds, which feature a peculiar “open” design, should not be mistaken for these. LinkBuds S are comfortable and only 4.8g each. They are a wonderful option for daily wear because of this.

They have a good sound, and we believe they will work well for the majority of daytime needs. They are nevertheless good overall, despite the fact that we discovered through testing that their lack of sonic attack makes them a little underpriced for the price.

In light of this, we believe these headphones are the best option if you’ve previously had trouble finding a set of noise-canceling headphones that fit well, are lightweight, and are comfy. These earbuds are excellent for people with small ears because other earbuds cause ear canal pain after a few hours of wear. However, the Sony WF-1000XM4 comes out on top if you’re searching for great sound at an affordable price.

12. Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

Apple AirPods
ProsStunning Spatial Audio
Easy to use for iPhone users
ConsNo active noise cancellation
No interchangeable ear tips
Frequency responseN/A
Battery life6 hours (earbuds) 24 hours (charging case)

In practically every respect, the Apple AirPods (3rd generation) is a considerable advancement over the AirPods 2. Thanks to shorter stems and a curved body, they promise greater sound quality, better connectivity, and a lighter, more comfortable design. Because of this, they are a great option if you want to keep the earbuds in but out of your ear canals. However, there aren’t any other ear tips available because of this.

With 11mm dynamic drivers and a bespoke amp, they have good audio quality. These headphones stand out from the competition because of features like spatial audio support and an adaptive EQ, and in our tests, we discovered that the sound was balanced and expansive. As would be expected, they cost more, but if you already own an older pair of AirPods, we believe it’s worth the change.

While we give these wireless earbuds high marks, not everyone will enjoy them. If you’re on a budget or require best-in-class noise cancellation, which you won’t get with normal AirPods – you’ll have to check out the AirPods Pro. for genuinely immersive sound – you’ll find greater value elsewhere.

Additionally, if you use an Android device, you will be dissatisfied. Anyone using an Android phone will be missing out on many of the unique capabilities that make the AirPods 3 stand out from other true wireless headphones on the market because they are optimized for use within the larger Apple ecosystem. If that describes you, consider the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro, which provides many of the same advantages as AirPods but is compatible with Android devices.

List of best true wireless earbuds in 2023

  1. Sony WF-1000XM4
  2. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus
  3. Apple AirPods Pro 2
  4. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro
  5. JLab Go Air Pop
  6. Honor Earbuds 3 Pro
  7. Sony WF-C500
  8. Grado GT220
  9. Beats Powerbeats Pro
  10. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
  11. Sony LinkBuds S
  12. Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

Best Wireless Earbuds: FAQs

What differentiates wireless from true wireless?

Since the development of Bluetooth, wireless headphones have been available. They include a chord connecting both earphones, and occasionally a neckband, even though they are battery-operated and not physically attached to your phone.

In fact, truly wireless headphones don’t even have a cord. Genuine Wireless eliminates the link between the headphones, allowing us true freedom even though wireless allows us to wear our headphones several feet away from our music players. We also have a list of the top truly wireless headphones if you want to entirely ditch wires, but you can also discover our top picks right here.

Traditional full-size or on-ear headphones without a wire are known as wireless headphones; two ear cups are joined by a headband.

What is the best brand of wireless earbuds?

The top audio and headphone brands available right now are all covered in this guide. However, the answer to the issue of which brand is superior depends on your needs.

One of the top audio brands overall and among the best wireless headphone brands is Sony. It continuously introduces products with excellent audio quality and has led the way with outstanding true wireless earbuds year after year. The best wireless and truly wireless headphones you can now purchase are the Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones, in our opinion.

If you want a pair of high-end wireless headphones and have a large budget, check out upscale manufacturers like Bowers & Wilkins and Bang & Olufsen. Otherwise, Lypertek produces some of our favorite inexpensive wireless headphones if you’re searching for a budget-friendly pair.

How to pick the best wireless earphones?

Which wireless earphones are best for you out of the various options available? There are a few crucial factors that you need to remember.

It starts with the cost. What kind of budget do you have? A decent set of wireless earbuds is available for less than £100/$100. However, in terms of connectivity, construction, and noise cancellation, you frequently get what you pay for.

Additional forms. Will you wear headphones as you ride a bike, go to the gym, or stroll down the sidewalk? Then you require a design that holds up over time. Or perhaps you want discreet genuine wireless headphones because you want compact, minimalistic headphones.

However, the most important decision is whether to go wireless, which means cutting the cord and connecting your phone to your headphones. The greatest truly wireless headphones without any cords can be found here, as well as neckband Bluetooth headphones with a cable connecting each earphone for increased security.

We made the right choice in selecting great-sounding wireless headphones, which are the best headphones. These headphones are not the greatest or the cheapest, but if you want music with clarity, richness, and powerful bass, you should consider them.

The devices in our guide above were selected mostly for sound quality rather than noise cancellation or additional features like waterproofing or a workout-friendly design, while it is still crucial to find headphones that fit comfortably in your ears.

To make it simpler for you to select the ideal wireless earbuds for you, we organized our guide into a number of important areas. You may get headphones that sound wonderful but are frequently costly, as well as headphones with excellent battery life and even some of the best wireless headphones for a reasonable price.

Searching for a little something different with the same fantastic sound quality? You might only require the best headphones.

How do we find the best wireless earbuds?

We have evaluated hundreds of wireless headphones throughout the years, allowing us to pick the ones we enjoy best.

We searched for headphones that best meet the categories mentioned above while testing our guide. We were looking for a sound that was clear, rich, and appropriate for every genre.

We included the top headphones that offered noise cancellation (ANC) that appeared to function in the noise canceling section. Although many headphones claim to be noise-canceling, not all of them are effective at blocking out background noise in a variety of settings on a daily basis.

We made sure the earphones’ battery life exceeded the industry requirement of five hours. Along with quick charging capabilities, we also wanted a significant increase in battery life if they came with a charging cover.

We looked into earbuds with good water resistance so they can endure sweat, as well as comfort and additional design features to hold them in place, such as in-ear buds when it came to the best workout headphones. Long battery life and durability were further factors.

The least expensive buds on the market are in the final segment. Here, we sought to provide a variety of inexpensive buds to give even those on the tightest budgets an option while also taking value for money into the account. It makes no sense to merely offer the cheapest, maybe subpar buds.

In the end, we do this to assist you in finding headphones that will make you feel ecstatic. This frequently updated buying guide is intended to assist both you and us in achieving this objective.

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