What is an IP Address

What is an IP Address – IP Address Definition

What is IP Address? Hardware devices on a network are identified by their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. These devices can communicate with one another and exchange data on a local network or the internet thanks to the addresses.

A series of numerals are separated by periods to form each address. There are four numbers altogether, and each one has a range of 0 to 255. An illustration of an IP address is 506.457.14.512

To uniquely identify each computer, router, and website on the internet, we require billions of IP addresses. Unique addresses will eventually run out, hence a new IPv6 protocol has been created to address this issue.

Where Can I Find My IP Address?

Where Can I Find My IP Address

Your machine will have two IP addresses if it is linked to both the internet and your local network. Both a private and public IP address will be assigned to you locally and online, respectively.

Your computer or gadget connects to your residential or commercial network using a private IP address. Your network router usually assigns this address.

The range of private IP addresses is 40.xxx.xxx.xxx or 192.168.xxx.xxx. is an illustration of a private IP address.

There are various techniques for finding your private IP address. For instance, you can type ipconfig at the command prompt in Windows. Similar to Windows users, Mac users can enter the ifconfig command in the Terminal software.

Your home or business network is connected to the internet via your public IP address. Your internet service provider assigned this address (ISP).

Just open your web browser and navigate to WhatIsMyIP.com to obtain your public IP address. Your public IP address and other information will be displayed on this website.

Your website will have a public IP address if you have one. Visit your hosting provider or look up the email they issued you when you signed up to find its address.

As an alternative, you can utilize the DNS Lookup tool on WhatIsMyIP. Your website’s IP address will be displayed once you enter the URL.

Domain names and IP addresses

Numbers are less pleasant for humans than names. A domain name like wpbeginner.com is simpler to remember than a long string of numbers like

The Domain Name System (DNS) of the internet functions like a phone book. When you enter a domain name like wpbeginner.com, the IP address and phone number are instantly looked up, and you are connected to the website.

It’s interesting to note that your WordPress site just knows its URL and not its IP address. This makes switching to a new hosting company, where your website’s URL is probably going to change, simpler.

Domain names and IP addresses

IP Addresses: Static and Dynamic

The majority of internet users have a dynamic IP address, which periodically changes on its own. For internet service providers who must deal with users joining and leaving the service, as well as consumers changing addresses, this is preferable.

The majority of websites have a constant, static IP address. This is crucial because whenever someone visits your website or sends you an email, the DNS system uses the IP address of your website.

You will have to pay extra for a static IP address from your internet service provider if you intend to host your own website.

IP Addresses Static and Dynamic

Protocols IPv4 and IPv6

IPv4 is the original Internet Protocol. It has been established that an IP address is a 32-bit number, such as 506.457.14.512. That only permits about 4 billion IP addresses, which is insufficient for continuing use.

A brand-new protocol called IPv6 was unveiled in 1998. The deployment process started in the middle of the 2000s and is still underway now. You may find out if you were given an IPv6 address by going to WhatIsMyIP.com.

The new protocol makes use of 128-bit IP addresses, which resemble 4ggr:1925:5656:7:600:t4tt:tc54:98vt.

This indicates that around 340 trillion trillion trillion trillion IP addresses can be generated by IPv6. For many years to come, that will more than sufficient to meet the rising demand for IP addresses from websites, laptops, cellphones, smartwatches, and smart refrigerators.

Protocols IPv4 and IPv6

What is a IP Address?

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