Apache Webserver

What is Apache & Web Server?

31.4% of all websites worldwide utilize Apache, the most popular web server software. Apache is open-source software that can be downloaded for free. It was created and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.

It is quick, trustworthy, and secure. Additionally, by utilizing extensions and modules, Apache may be highly customized to match the requirements of numerous diverse contexts.

The majority of WordPress hosting companies employ the Apache webserver. WordPress can, however, also function on other web server programs.

What Is a Webserver?

In order for users to view the web pages on your website, your website hosting company must maintain a web server. Apache is widely used by WordPress hosting companies.

The program plays a function akin to that of a host in a restaurant. A restaurant’s host will welcome you, look over your reservation details, and show you to your table when you arrive. The web server similarly looks for the website you have requested.

A web server performs other functions. When it retrieves the page and serves it to you for viewing, it also performs the role of a waiter at a restaurant.

And by managing communications with the website, responding to your requests, and ensuring that other modules are prepared to serve you, it plays the part of the restaurant’s maître d’.

Last but not least, a web server is comparable to a busboy clearing tables. For brand-new website visitors, it clears the memory, cache, and modules.

In summary, a web server like Apache carries out the following duties:

  • It gets the request from you to browse a web page.
  • Your HTTP request is subjected to a few security tests before being forwarded to the web page.
  • In order to serve you, it might request that the server run additional modules while creating the content.
  • The desired document is then delivered to you.

Using Your Computer to Run the Apache Webserver

You must use the same software as your WordPress hosting provider if you want to run WordPress locally on your computer. This comprises PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

Apache (the web server software),  PHP (the programming language), and MySQL (the database).

Fortunately, installing this software is simple thanks to software stacks like MAMP (for Mac), LAMP (for Linux), WAMP (for Windows), and XAMPP (cross-platform).

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