Xbox Series X Review

Xbox Series X Review: Release Date & Price

The Xbox Series X exploits its potent specifications to boost game speed and graphic fidelity while drastically cutting load times. Although it has advantages like Quick Resume and great backward compatibility, it still needs significant UI upgrades and interesting exclusives.

A quick review of the Xbox Series X

At first, the Xbox Series X wasn’t a significant investment, but Microsoft’s potent console has advanced significantly since then. It has always been a superb piece of machinery, but it required some further enhancements to make it worth the price.

The Xbox Series X lacked the initial wow effect that is crucial for making a good first impression until recently. There haven’t been many games that truly take advantage of the new Microsoft system. The utilization of the accustomed Xbox One user interface did not improve that similar sense either.

When you first start up the flagship Xbox, it’s tempting to feel a little underwhelmed, but you soon notice a significant improvement. The Xbox Series X now has a game catalog that highlights the capabilities of Microsoft’s new hardware, which is significant. The X series is best seen in Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ve always been impressed with the hardware of the Xbox Series X, so it’s fantastic to see this. Compared to more expensive gaming PCs, it performs exceptionally well and is almost completely silent. As a result, games of all ages look and play better than ever, offering Microsoft a strong basis to build upon as the generation advances.

However, Microsoft has crammed a lot of power into the monolithic chassis of the Xbox Series X for just ₹50,000. This is in contrast to the greatest gaming PCs, which may cost thousands of dollars. The end product is a technologically sophisticated console with competitive pricing that offers significantly faster load times and better visual fidelity.

Numerous quality-of-life features improve your gaming experiences, such as Quick Resume, and FPS Boost, which we’ll go into more depth about below, further sweetening the deal. While the Xbox Series X’s additional time-saving features are undoubtedly welcome and its tremendous hardware capability should not be understated, it falls short in a few crucial respects.

Despite having Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series X still lacks the same selection of “must-have” exclusives as the PS5 or even the Nintendo Switch can provide. This is the best offer in gaming right now if you enjoy trying out new games every month in various genres. It’s a membership service that gives you access to hundreds of games for a little monthly charge.

Even while Xbox Game Pass largely comprises older titles, several of them are tailored to suit the Xbox Series X hardware, such as Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Sea of Thieves. As a result, it’s a fantastic location to play next-generation games for less money. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass now offers a number of Bethesda games, with more to come, including Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 due to the platform in the future. This is made possible by Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media. day one of service. Activision Blizzard will eventually be acquired by Microsoft, which means that games like Call of Duty will be available on the service.

Therefore, Xbox Series X is the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to the Xbox environment. Additionally, it surpasses the caliber that devoted Xbox users have come to anticipate. It’s the ideal moment to purchase Microsoft’s powerful flagship given that console availability is better than ever.

Xbox Series X Release Date & Price

  • Xbox Series X release date: November 10, 2020
  • Xbox Series X price: ₹50,000

On November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series X went on sale in every country, giving Microsoft a two-day advantage over Sony’s PS5, which debuted on November 12. (in some countries and November 19 for the rest of the world). If a Sony console is something you’re considering, read our review of the PS5.

The cost of the Xbox Series X is ₹50,000. On the same day, a lower-spec digital Xbox Series S console went on sale for ₹24,500.

Even while it’s not exactly pocket money, the cost of a new Xbox is reasonable. This is the same cost as the MSRP of the Xbox One X, which is also no longer available, as well as the launch price of the Xbox One (since discontinued). Gaming PC, ₹41,000 mark is very good – you’d be hard-pressed to get a nice PC at this price point. Neither is even close to as powerful as the Xbox Series X.

However, as previously noted, we advise getting an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs ₹50 per month, if you want to get the most out of your Xbox Series X. (annual subscriptions are also available, which cut slightly less than the annual cost). Despite the fact that these are extra costs, having access to hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games (including Bethesda and EA titles), Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and monthly free games should ultimately cost less than purchasing games separately.

Xbox Series X Release Date & Price

It might be worth taking the basic Game Pass subscription instead, which costs ₹50 per month if the bells and whistles of Game Pass Ultimate don’t bother you. This prevents cloud gaming on mobile devices and offers access to the service solely on the console (rather than PC and console).

A few countries, including the US, UK, and Australia, have access to the Xbox Series X through Microsoft’s Xbox All Access membership service. Xbox All Access offers a 24-month plan for $34.99 / $28.99 / AU$46 per month with no up-front fees, which seems like a really excellent price and includes your system and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, the PS5 and PS5 Digital, which was first released at comparable costs, are also worth looking at as they are other next-gen consoles that are available besides the Xbox Series X. Sony, however, attributes the latest increase in the PS5’s price to rising worldwide inflation. Fortunately, Xbox won’t follow the PlayStation in raising prices, but at this time, Xbox doesn’t completely rule out future price rises.

We won’t get too far into it here, but it currently makes the Xbox Series X a more affordable choice.

The top Microsoft Xbox Series X discounts right now

 Microsoft Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Design

  • Modern, sleek design
  • Extremely quiet
  • Emits the same amount of heat as Xbox One X
  • Minimal UI and dashboard updates

Although the console may also be placed horizontally, the Xbox Series X’s vertical tower form makes it more like a desktop gaming PC than its forerunners. The rectangular console is fully matte black, measuring 15.1 x 15 x 30.1 cm and weighing 4.45 kg, with the exception of a green tint inside the notched cooling vents at the top. This innovative feature enhances the design of the console.

The Xbox’s iconic power button is located on the top left of the console, the disc drive (and eject button) is located on the bottom left, and the pairing button and USB 3.2 port are located on the bottom. on your right (the pairing button also acts as an IR receiver). Several air vents, an HDMI 2.1 output port, two USB 3.2 ports, one network port, a storage expansion slot, and a power input port are all located on the back of the console.

All of the ports on the rear of the console have tactile indicators, which are little raised dots that let you know which port you are touching. For instance, power-in ports only have one elevated port, whereas USB 3.2 ports have three. This is done to make it simpler to run cables and to improve accessibility for people who are blind.

Xbox Series X Design

Except for a subtle Xbox logo in the corner of the left side and four rubber pads on the right side that allow the console to lie horizontally, the sides of the console (when upright) are blank. As previously discussed, the top of the console is for ventilation as that is where the Xbox Series X removes all of the heat it generates. The bottom of the console includes a slightly raised, disc-shaped kickstand as well as a few cooling vents.

The console itself has a sleek, monolithic, and basic appearance. It weighs a lot and is very big, although it appears much smaller than it actually is. When placed horizontally or vertically, we discovered that it readily slides into an Ikea Kallax shelving unit (39 cm x 39 cm) and mixes in well with its surroundings.

You may either love or hate the Xbox Series X’s design, but we thought it was a refreshing departure from the previous low-profile Xbox consoles. It’s a good progression of the flat yet portable Xbox One S and Xbox One X models because it’s sleek, contemporary, and looks like something an adult would actually want to possess.

The console doesn’t become dirty, but the matte black appearance makes it easily scraped and damaged. Microsoft has stated that there are currently no plans to offer the base console in various colors, despite the fact that Logitech recently featured a white Xbox Series X system in an advertisement.

Whisper-quiet, but rather hot

Xbox Series X wallpaper

The Xbox Series X’s remarkably quiet operation is its key selling point. The Xbox Series X is the quietest Xbox we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, even though we’re almost used to consoles revving like they’re about to take off when we launch titles that will really push them past their pace.

The system emits roughly 30dB of sound when you’re on the home screen, which is comparable to a whisper, and that level hardly changes when you’re really downloading and playing games. We discovered that the decibels never went beyond 33 dB while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, No Man’s Sky, and Sea of Thieves.

Although we measured noise levels as low as 45 dB, which is comparable to the noise of a working printer when installing a larger upgrade. However, compared to the sound of an actual game, it is not overly loud and hardly audible. When trying out other games from the newest generation, this was also true.

For those who don’t want the hum of a running machine to interfere with their gameplay, this is good news, but the silence also brings some heat. In terms of heat dissipation, the Xbox Series X is comparable to the Xbox One X. Heat is dissipated through the top vents, thus we advise providing ample room. Although the console itself also becomes quite warm, we didn’t find that this had an impact on performance when playing newer, more resource-demanding games.

Xbox Series X UI & Dashboard

The Xbox Series X has a considerably different look than its predecessors, but there are more subtle improvements to the control panel and user interface. The Xbox Series X’s dashboard is identical to that of the Xbox One. The main cause of this is that Microsoft overhauled the Xbox One back in August 2020 in order to simplify and harmonize its user interface with that of the Xbox Series X.

This indicates that the tiled layout with movable contacts still exists in the Xbox Series X UI. With the Xbox button on your controller, you can provide quick access to games, applications, group chat, and more. This allows you to choose whatever games and programs you want to view first on your home screen. It has a rather simple UI with many customization possibilities and simple navigation.

Xbox Series X UI & Dashboard

The Xbox Series X user interface seems to be built around customization. Microsoft is enabling gamers to express themselves a little more by adding new profile themes that serve as the background for your profile page, in addition to navigating through pinned games and apps. Players who are sick of the static Xbox One options may now select dynamic backdrops, which give a more customized home screen.

The Xbox Series X Dashboard’s navigation is much quicker than it was, however, we’ve discovered some pop-up problems while downloading web content. The toolbar and user interface also left us feeling a little dissatisfied because they don’t really have a next-gen feel. We’d love to see an update that truly distinguished the Xbox Series X from its predecessor and gave it a fresh appearance. This update could also include simpler methods for navigating your media than simply adding your streaming apps to a contact group.

We may anticipate more UI modifications. If you’re an Xbox Insider, you may have seen that Microsoft recently released new homepage designs for the Xbox Series X, but customers aren’t pleased. While there have been some improvements to the quality of life, some gamers dislike the “mess on the tiles,” while others dislike the fact that advertisements still take up space on the homepage. We will update it when we learn more because the functionality is still in beta and could change.

Xbox Series X Performance

Xbox Series X Performance
  • Significantly faster loading times and more stability
  • Easily expandable storage
  • 4K/60fps gameplay (up to 120fps support)
  • Auto HDR

Xbox Series X is an incredible powerhouse thanks to its AMD Zen 2 octa-core 3.8GHz processor, special AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 12 teraflops of computing capability, 16GB of GDDR6 memory, and 1TB of custom NVMe SSD.

What does this entail for actual performance, then?

Fewer loading delays

The Xbox Series X always loads faster – in some cases by a few seconds, and in others by over half the load time – thanks to its NVMe SSD. We’ve observed Xbox Series X lower loading times in games by tens of seconds compared to how they operate on Xbox One S.

We measured the amount of time it took for the same games to load on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series X in order to give you an estimate of how much faster those load times are.

Fewer loading delays

Even a few seconds can be saved, and certain games benefit from quicker download rates than others. With games like Sea of Thieves, the SSD’s power truly shines. We’ve seen load times for Sea of Thieves decreased by 100 times, whereas titles like Ori and Blind Forest load quite quickly anyhow, making the difference less visible. 35 seconds remain.

We discovered that the few loading screens we encountered in next-gen games were barely a few seconds long. Yakuza did in fact show off the speed advantage by traveling quickly, much like a dragon, via a taxi ride. We agreed to take the ride and were swiftly transported to another place in approximately 4.7 seconds, which is a significant improvement over the Xbox One version.

4K at 60fps (up to 120fps)

The rDNA 2 GPU in the Xbox Series X enables the console can aim 4K at 60 frames per second, while it also supports up to 120 frames per second.

We’d say having an HDMI 2.1-compliant display is optional if frame rates aren’t a concern. With native 4K 60fps on the Xbox Series X, you get the best of both worlds: few frame rate drops (leading to smoother playing) and visually gorgeous content. It’s important to keep in mind that in order to do this with 4K quality, you’ll need a 4K-capable TV.

While games like The Falconeer run at 120 frames per second and feel buttery smooth, the resolution suffers as a result. Falconeer, for instance, may be played at 60 frames per second in 4K. The resolution reduces to 1080p if you choose the 120fps option, but you’ll notice fewer frames and faster response times at the sacrifice of crispness. Compromise and taste are the key factors.

4K at 60fps (up to 120fps)

In spite of this, Gears 5’s multiplayer mode supports 4K playback at 120 frames per second (due to Xbox Series X optimizations), providing a fluid and visually striking improvement over its Xbox One predecessor. If you enjoy fast-paced multiplayer, the Xbox One family makes a significant difference.

You can choose multiple framerate and resolution options in your console’s sound and picture settings, where you can activate 120 frames per second. It’s really simple, and we’re interested to see how many Xbox Series X games, such as The Falconeer and Gears 5 multiplayer, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Halo Infinite multiplayer, and others, support 120 frames per second.

Auto HDR on Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X offers HDR calibration for gaming, just like the Xbox One. We urge you to set this before playing because it offers the best pictures and a precise balance of contrast.

FPS Boost on Xbox Series X

The majority of the backward-compatible games that we could play for our initial evaluation are the strongest indicators of how much the Xbox Series X outperforms its predecessors from the previous generation. Since Microsoft has included native HDR for these titles, we discovered that games on the Xbox Series X appeared better right away when the aforementioned settings were on.

When playing backward compatible games simultaneously on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series X versions, we could clearly see the visual increase. We’ll go into depth about how this performance gain improves games built for the Xbox Series X.

FPS Boost on Xbox Series X

After the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft incorporated a new option called FPS Boost that can treble the frame rate of older games. As a result, games that were previously limited to 30 frames per second can now reach 60 frames per second, and some even reach 120 frames per second.

There are presently only a few Xbox One titles that support FPS Boost. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t add any more games to the lengthy list. For compatible games, it feels like a smaller technological step back when you decide to return to some of your favorite Xbox One games, but FPS Boost is a fantastic upgrade, especially for those with an Xbox Game Pass subscription as it allows Xbox One games to take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Storage

You can also disable it per game if, for whatever reason, you don’t want to play these games at a faster frame rate. However, because it improves the visual quality and responsiveness of games, we advise leaving it enabled.

In the connected list, we have some of the Xbox Series X/S games that enable FPS Boost.

Xbox Series X Storage

On an Xbox Series X, a bespoke 1TB NVMe SSD translates to 802GB of usable storage, 198GB of which is set aside for system files and the Xbox operating system. Before we had to use the console’s extended storage, we had downloaded 18 games of varied sizes.

That’s a lot to get through, but if you want to use features like Quick Resume and the numerous titles offered by Xbox Game Pass, we suggest obtaining a Seagate storage extension card. It’s vital to remember that once they’ve been optimized, actual next-generation games probably will require more storage space.

We were able to test the Seagate 1TB expansion card for Xbox Series X, which is also offered in 512GB and 2TB versions, along with our system. We found the 1TB card to be incredibly simple to use. When we ran out of capacity, we simply inserted the card into the rear of the Xbox to have access to an additional terabyte. The 1TB card costs
₹21,998. When the system notices that its storage space is getting close to being full, it offers an easy way to clear up space by uninstalling games and asking if you’d want to install them on a card instead.

Xbox Series X Storage

If an expansion card is too expensive for your tastes, you may always use the USB 3.1 connector on the console to attach an external hard drive or solid-state drive. However, they are limited to playing Xbox One and backward-compatible titles (with an SSD for faster loading). While an external hard drive or SSD can be used to store your Xbox Series X games, only an NVMe SSD can be used to play Xbox Series X-optimized games.

Just put the storage device into one of the system’s USB ports, and Xbox will recognize it. This is how adding an external hard drive operates on Xbox One. You will notice a prompt requesting that you format the drive if it has to be done. It is a plug-and-play solution that performs as expected.

The amazing thing about Xbox Series X storage is that you may install (or remove) individual game sections rather than the entire game. For instance, Doom Eternal’s multiplayer is available for download, but not its narrative, or vice versa. This install functionality is a highly anticipated feature that should aid with storage management, so we’re keen to see how many games will support it in the future.

Xbox Series X Controller

Xbox Series X Controller all
  • Feels familiar in hand, but slightly different
  • Works on a range of devices
  • Improved tactile textures and refined geometry
  • New share button

When holding the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller, it feels somewhat different yet also comfortable. The game is more ergonomic and comfy because of the controller’s better tactile textures and improved geometry when compared to the Xbox One controller.

The Xbox Series X controller doesn’t appear to be a very significant improvement over its predecessor at first glance. It has a comparable form and keeps the standard arrangement of buttons and triggers. But if you look more closely, you start to see small changes Microsoft has made.

The gamepad now has a matte appearance that perfectly suits the console’s style. The black controller that comes with the console swiftly develops apparent scuffs and scratches, and considering the number of hands-on time controllers, you can find it challenging to preserve your appearance. first-rate condition for a long time. However, alternative color choices are available (you’ll need to buy them individually), some of which may be less prone to scuffings, such as Electric Volt, DayStrike Camo, and Pulse Red.

This is a minor quibble, though, and overall we thought the Xbox Series X gamepad looked and felt similar to the more expensive controller. Triggers, grips, and bumpers on the upgraded pad now have a tactile texture, which we felt increases the controller’s grip in our hands.

Xbox Series X Controller

The gamepad is also less bulky because, despite the controller being the same size as its predecessor, the bumpers and triggers have been softened and shrunk by a few millimeters. Previous Xbox One controllers may have seemed very bulky if you had small hands, but this straightforward tweak increases comfort in a subtle but significant way.

A sharing button and a hybrid D-pad are two of the controller’s most noticeable updates. By effectively acting as a capture button, the share button makes it simple to take screenshots of your game. A single click will take a screenshot, and holding down the button for a longer period of time will automatically record a 15-second video (you can adjust the length of the video in the capture settings ).

It’s far simpler than on the Xbox One when you had to click X or Y before pressing the home button. However, depending on how big your arms are, you can find it easier or more difficult to rapidly grab a screenshot.

The hybrid d-pad, on the other hand, is designed to strike a balance between the traditional d-pad on the Xbox One controller and the interchangeable faceted d-pad on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. As a result, the disc has a typical d-pad overlay on it. Again, this is a little bit appreciable adjustment that should increase overall comfort while giving the player more leverage and control over the D-pad.

However, the controller’s design has remained largely unchanged. The View, Menu, and Xbox buttons are still present on the front, along with the 3.5mm audio jack and expansion connector on the bottom, the USB charging port, and the pairing button.

The Xbox Series X controller features practical upgrades in addition to cosmetic ones. When connecting the controller wirelessly through Bluetooth to a variety of devices, including Xbox One, iPhone 11, and Mac – it was simple – we found the controller to be more responsive, which is probably due to the lower latency Microsoft advertises (coupled with improved frame rate stability).

The Series X controller is once again powered by AA batteries (regular or rechargeable), but if you want to avoid having to swap out or recharge batteries all the time, you can buy a Play and Charge Kit (a rear rechargeable battery you can use to charge your controller while using it or in between sessions), or you can connect the controller to the console via USB-C. (although this will of course limit your freedom of movement).

Xbox Series X Features

Xbox Series X Features
  • A quick summary is pretty simple
  • Excellent backward compatibility with games and accessories
  • Blu-ray drive 4K UHD
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS support

The Xbox Series X includes many helpful features and major quality-of-life enhancements. The Xbox Series X can be utilized as a home entertainment system because it supports active keyboard and mouse input, unlike most consoles, and features a 4K Blu-ray drive. Even the Xbox Series X players now have access to Discord.

Xbox Series X Quick Resume

Quick Resume is arguably the most practical feature of the Xbox Series X. With rapid resume, you can quickly pick up where you left off when the game was pausing. In this way, you may quickly resume playing where you left off without having to wait through the loading windows once more. The ability to swiftly switch between several games that have been left in this suspended condition is another bonus.

If the games you’re moving between were already loaded at some point in the past, we could move between gameplays effortlessly in a matter of seconds. By hitting the Xbox button on the controller, we were able to jump from Alan Wake at the sawmill to Alison Ronan in Dontnod’s Tell Me Why in 11.4 seconds. There are no loading screens between games. The time from the Xbox dashboard to gameplay was 2.7 seconds if we wished to enter Tell Me Why from the home screen of the game we were currently playing.

Xbox Series X Quick Resume

Online multiplayer games function a little differently from other games. Naturally, allowing users to pause the game while online is not practical; otherwise, the servers would be overrun with players that are AFK. In Sea of Thieves, for instance, if you are playing a game and then decide to switch to another, you will be kicked out of it; however, you can instantly rejoin it from the title screen.

Since its debut, Quick Resume has gotten an upgrade that improves the feature’s dependability and makes it simpler to access saved games that are currently pausing. By selecting each game from the My Games & Apps menu, you can easily access the games that do support the feature. It only makes Quick Resume a little bit simpler to utilize thanks to this extremely helpful quality-of-life feature.

Xbox Series X’s ability to play older games

Wide backward compatibility is another of the Xbox Series X’s finest characteristics. You’ll struggle to discover an older game that isn’t supported on Series X because there are more than 1,000 backward-compatible titles available.

As previously said, we discovered that these games load quicker and generally perform better. Improved stability results in fewer frame rate drop, which makes older games more fun to play while being somewhat dated by today’s blockbuster standards. Microsoft regrettably acknowledged that it’s doubtful we’ll see more in the future.

Xbox Series X's ability to play older games

Xbox attachments are also compatible with earlier Xbox games. We discovered that we could easily connect our headphones as well as the original Xbox Wireless Controller and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller to the Xbox Series X.

Any officially licensed Xbox One accessory, such as the Xbox Wireless Headset, that connects wirelessly or via a wired USB connection must function on the Xbox Series X. It’s important to note that optical connections are not supported, though some of these products might function after a firmware update.

Smart Delivery

No matter which system they play on, Xbox Smart Delivery aims to provide users with access to the greatest Xbox version of their game. To get the most out of games across generations, it basically works like a combination of forward compatibility and backward compatibility.

Smart Delivery

We’ve discovered that we don’t need to purchase two copies of the same game to continue playing games we had access to on Xbox Series X on Xbox One S. So, for instance, we could start playing The Falconeer on Xbox Series X with its optimizations, switch to Xbox One S, and continue playing there with just the Series X optimizations turned off.

We could quickly switch between games on both consoles because saved data is transmitted across them. Similar to Gears Tactics and Gears 5, our Xbox One games were easily playable on Xbox Series X and received upgrades right away for those that were already designed for the console.

Multimedia on Xbox Series X

Multimedia on Xbox Series X

A variety of multimedia functions are also available in Series X. First off, the console has an accessible built-in 4K Blu-ray player.

You may also access a variety of streaming services, including some that are new to the Xbox One platform like Apple TV Plus and regional applications, as well as those that are available on existing Xbox One consoles like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and more. like Sky Go in the UK and Hulu in the US. All of them can benefit from the 4K UHD capabilities of the system, however, some of them call for a strong internet connection.

Despite the fact that most of the most well-known entertainment apps are accessible, we have discovered that there are a few additional (more local) applications that we would like to have access to, such as the ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Dolby Vision support

Additionally, Dolby Vision, a more demanding HDR standard that offers higher contrast and color fidelity, is only supported by Microsoft’s next-generation consoles. You may watch Netflix’s Dolby Vision programs and motion pictures (if you shell out for a premium subscription).

Dolby Vision Gaming Now Available on Xbox Series X

Dolby Vision has the edge over HDR10 because it supports 12-bit color, giving the console the ability to display over 68.7 billion colors—a number much higher than what is possible with HDR10’s 10-bit color depth. Your TV, which should also support Dolby Vision, will ultimately determine how well these colors seem, but that’s okay. You may now play games in Dolby Vision.

It’s important to note that the Xbox Series X’s 4K Blu-ray player does not now support Dolby Vision, however that could change in the near future with a software upgrade.

DTS & Dolby Atmos support 

While Windows Sonic is the Xbox Series X’s default headphone setting, similar to the Xbox One before it, the Xbox Series X also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone Audio: X Sound, however, each requires a separate license.

DTS & Dolby Atmos support 

Those who don’t give much thought to their audio will benefit from Windows Sonic, while Dolby Atmos and DTS offer a more immersive surround sound experience. This implies, for instance, that you can determine an enemy’s exact location with respect to you by observing his footfall. One of them might be a good choice if you play a lot of online multiplayer games, especially since they don’t require a special headset to utilize them, however, Dolby Atmos does require a soundbar that supports the format.

It’s also important to note that they only function with games like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, and Gears 5 that support Dolby Atmos or DTS audio.

Xbox App

An enhanced version of the companion app, the new Xbox app for iOS and Android provides you with more flexibility than ever.

Xbox App

This gives you the ability to effortlessly share game clips and screenshots with pals on Xbox and PC, manage storage on your Xbox consoles, and give easy access to remote playback.

For multimedia services, you may even use the app as a remote control for your console. Overall, we discovered that the companion software made it simple to use and manage our Xboxes while on the move.

Xbox Series X Library

Xbox Series X Library
  • The starting lineup is a bit disappointing
  • Paired with Xbox Game Pass offers a lot of games
  • Lots of backward-compatible games to play

Possibly the biggest flaw with the new platform is the Xbox Series X game selection. To begin with, there weren’t any Xbox exclusives among the few new high-profile games available on the console at launch, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, Dirt 5, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Every Xbox Series X launch title is already (or soon will be) available on Xbox One, and many of them have also been made available on PS5. Xbox One titles that had recently been released and were Xbox exclusives were Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

With Halo Infinite, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Forza Horizon 5 joining Microsoft’s portfolio, the Xbox-exclusive situation has thankfully improved. The Medium, a psychological thriller by Bloober Team, is one of the few games that can only be played on the Xbox Series X|S. We won’t have access to blockbuster titles like Everwild, Redfall, and Fable for some time.

The acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is a significant trump card in Microsoft’s hand even though the coming months for Xbox games still appear to be a little dubious. Future Bethesda titles like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will only be available on Xbox One and PC, which is a significant step from Microsoft that might seriously support this subpar exclusive offering.

This viewpoint, though, makes the Xbox Series X very intriguing and may give it a significant advantage over the PS5.

Xbox Game Pass

You’ll have plenty of older games to play because Xbox Series X players have access to thousands of backward-compatible games, which represents a saving in terms of the selection of games.

If you decide on an Xbox Series X, we strongly advise adding an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to your collection. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you have immediate access to hundreds of Xbox One titles, including the first Xbox games on launch day. In order to save money, purchasing a new console along with a Game Pass membership prevents you from purchasing new titles unless they are already part of the service.

Xbox Game Pass

A lot of Bethesda games have been added to Game Pass over the past six months, and Microsoft has reaffirmed that future Xbox games from original publishers, including Bethesda games, will be available on the service on launch day. If the aforementioned deal is authorized, Activision Blizzard games will also be included in the service.

We have good news if you’re looking to purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for even less money. Microsoft intends to provide an Xbox Game Pass family package that will allow you and four players to join for a monthly charge of ₹50. However, this is currently only being tested in Ireland and Colombia.

Xbox Series X optimized

In order to get the most out of the platform, some of the best Xbox One games have been rebuilt or designed with Xbox Series X in mind—and, by golly, they show it.

Xbox Series X optimized

We examined a number of optimized games, such as Gears 5, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, The Falconeer, and Dirt 5, and discovered that they all had significantly reduced loading times, enhanced stability, and enhanced aesthetics. For instance, Gears 5 on Xbox Series X includes ray tracing and 4K at 60 frames per second, improving the campaign mode’s visuals and loading times.

Thanks to more consistent frame rates and the absence of loading screen walls, it becomes more immersive right away. The distinction is even more obvious in Gears 5 multiplayer, which supports 4K at 120fps and offers a smoother, more responsive experience that is crucial for online multiplayer. It’s a fantastic demonstration of the unrestricted capability of Xbox Series X and supports Dolby Atmos.

Should I buy the Xbox Series X

Should I buy the Xbox Series X

Purchase it if

You desire shorter load times and more fluid gameplay.
Old and new game load times are significantly decreased by the blazing-fast Xbox Series X SSD, which also provides 4K/60fps gameplay (and supports up to 120fps). You’ll be relieved to learn that you can obtain both frame rates and visual fidelity here if you’re sick of having to make compromises.

A fantastic audiovisual multimedia experience is required.
For those who use their console as a home entertainment system and require good audiovisual performance, the Xbox Series X is a great option thanks to a built-in 4K Blu-ray player, access to numerous streaming services, and support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

Keep your old Xbox games and accessories available.
As three generations of Xbox games are backward compatible with the Xbox Series X, you won’t have to worry about playing your old games on new hardware. Over 1,000 retro-compatible titles are already available, and many Xbox One accessories will be retro-compatible as well. Additionally, Smart Delivery makes switching between your old and new console simple.

You desire more management over your storage.
It’s never been simpler to manage your console’s storage thanks to the option to choose which game components to install, either through the console directly or through the Xbox app. Additionally, despite its expensive price, the Seagate memory card enables hassle-free and speedy storage expansion.

Xbox Series X Review in brief

Don’t Purchase it if…

You desire a fun, exclusive gaming collection.
The Xbox Series X game library is far from ideal; it primarily comprises
Xbox One-optimized versions of games that are also available on other platforms. Although we anticipate the library will expand over time, we don’t anticipate any immediate problems.

You won’t purchase a 4K TV, at the very least.
While the Xbox Series X has faster load times and many high-quality features, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the console’s visual improvements without a 4K TV. You also won’t receive 4K visuals without an HDMI 2.1-compliant display. 120 fps won’t be available to you.

You anticipate the next-generation user interface to undergo a comprehensive revamp.
Apart from dynamic backdrops and increased speed, the Xbox One interface doesn’t appear to be much that different from that of the Xbox Series X.

Also, consider

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The smallest Xbox ever produced is the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S provides excellent performance at a reasonable cost if you’re seeking a next-generation gaming experience. Purchase Xbox Game Pass as well, don’t forget.


You’ll need a PS5 to enjoy amazing Sony-exclusive games like Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West. We love the PlayStation 5, particularly its clever DualSense controller.

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The hybrid console created by the Japanese business Nintendo is at its best with the Switch OLED. The Switch OLED is an attractive gaming console with a huge selection of games.

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